I am looking for some dog training tips that are relatively uncommon. Something that when I read it I will say ‘cool’, jsut little tips that will help out the average dog owner. Can vary from tips about housebreaking to common dog training, to anything else about dogs.


  1. dawn

    I dont know about uncommon, but working with dogs for years has given me some insight. The main focus is consistency. That goes for everyone in the household and who has contact with your dog. Like children, dogs do best with positive reinforcement. Scolding negative behavior is acceptable however the emphasis needs to be on the positive reinforcement. Your dog has a fundamental need to please you and that reinforcement feeds that for them. Good Luck

  2. N-Rue 7

    Treat your Dog like a child…
    For me, treating/trainning Dog is like treating/training a Child.
    *1’st Be consistance in what you do and your rules and feeding time, etc,
    *2’nd never lie to them, do what you’ve promised,
    *3’rd schold at site when they do mistake and praise on site when they do good, and remember praise are better then schold, they remember things better when they get praised,
    *4’th play with them everyday eventhou only for 5minutes, and when they start to play it ruff, make sure you’e winning the game to show them you’re the leader,
    *5’th talk to them, that’s include your facial language (smile, frown, etc.) and body language, they understand you know,
    *6’th try to be sensitive to what they’re trying to say you.
    *7’th Love them withall your heart, they also did so…
    Hope this help.
    Bless You

  3. sonnygir

    I’m not sure exactly what things you want your dog to do. My lab can sit, shake, lay down, speak, and I’m teaching him to crawl. I honestly would recommend teaching him how to walk on a leash FIRST!!! My lab is 11 months old and 86 lbs. and I about break my neck trying to control him! If you want to pay… for $90.00- Petsmart will train them with you. All the basic commands. Then after he has learned that you can upgrade his classes and it’s 100% money-back guaranteed. If it doesn’t work then you can put him through again! Also when he upgrades they will teach him fetch, and all the “dog show” things. It’s really neat. My fiance and I taught my baby at 3 months and didn’t use the class. We may put him in the adult classes now though to help him leash train! Good luck with that !

  4. Tristrem M

    first of all u can never leave your dog alone for to long. your dog will become independent and will never want any attention your dog will pretty much become a bum. buy your dog new toys regularly probably every month. lf it is an inside dog make sure that he has a nice comfy squishy place to rest. (im getting tired just talking that way). i suggest u buy one of those big circular beds. see ya

  5. Goddess

    Why, are you looking for some free tips/advice that you can put into a book to sell and make a profit?

  6. WP Robot

    Remember to always be consistant. No dogs on the furniture means no dogs EVER are allowed on the furniture for example. Don’t expect your dog to differentiate between circumstances or situations.
    I like the first hint about Cesar Milan, but “adapting” the techniques used on his shows could prove to be confusing or misleading to the dog.

  7. JPL

    A good training tip is to name and then reward things that your dog already does. For example, my pup used to jump on me. I created a command for it (“Come up!” and I pat my chest), so now he (allegedly) only jumps when I give him the command.
    Patience and treats in your pocket go a loooooooong way for me. You need to determine what motivates your dog (food motivates my dog), and use that as a reward.

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