i am planning on getting a dog soon. this will not be my first dog, but it will be my dog that requires training. any adive on how to house break and any other training would be really helpful. thanks.



  1. ADTT

    The individual who thinks it is a good idea to shove a dogs nose in his waste is WRONG. Although this may work over time it is NOT the most effective way to house train a dog. Also, terriers are not going to take longer to train. That is a general assumption that is in no way true!
    I have 4 mastiffs and 2 terriers. I am also an active dog trainer. I have worked with several breeds of dogs that all train on different levels. As it may be assumed that bully breeds are harder to train, its just not true. All dogs have brains and need training to their specific situations. It is that simple.
    Quick thought on house training:
    Dogs that are not house broken should not be on teir own in the home. They should not roam free and that is the owners responsibility. Your dog should be a general down stay position where he or she cant use the bathroom. Tell me the last time you saw a dog laying down use the bathroom. Learn their/ create their outside bathroom schedule. Know the basic times and when that time is approaching you make sure you have that dog at your side! Positive reinforcement is a great thing after they handle their business outside. A simple bathroom command should be enforced(hurry up), after they make you praise and return to the home.
    Thanks for reading,
    ALPHA Dog Training Team

  2. James M

    Patience, patience…Defiantly crate train your dog. Make sure you let your dog out as soon as it comes out of the crate or after he/she has eaten or after an accident in the house. If the dog starts sniffing a lot, it’s time to go out. In the first stages of house training, only let your dog go out to use the bathroom and not outside to play. As soon as the dog goes to the bathroom, bring him/her in. This will make the puppy learn why it has to go outside. When you go in or out of the door, you always go first(it’s about the alpha dog/pack leader), whoever goes through first is the more dominant one, make sure it’s you and not the puppy. To get you dog to sit, have a treat in your hand and drag your hand(with the treat in your fist) over the dogs head, the dogs natural reaction would be to sit. To get your dog to lay down, have a treat in your hand and make a fist, have your dog sit, drag your hand in front of the dog down to the floor, the dog should lay down. Then give it the treat. Dogs work off treats and praise and they aim to please their owner. Best of luck to you ! :o)

  3. jj

    The seriously best thing to do to house train a dog is the thing that not everyone likes to do. When he pees or poos on the floor put his nose in it and tell him no over and over and when he goes where he’s supposed to go reward him with a treat and play with him. Like Pavlov’s dog he will soon learn that pooing where he’s supposed will earn him a treat and he’ll do it all the time!
    If he’s very small and you want to litter train him when he goes on the floor put his droppings in the litter box and clean the floor thoroughly. He will follow the smell and learn on his own. I
    It’s also good to buy puppy training pads if you’re yard training them. They smell like grass to them, and when they go on them if you reward them they will learn to go to the bathroom where it smells like grass…that’s how I trained my dog. Move the pads closer to the door as you go and it will work best.
    If you are getting a terrier, just so you know, it will take a lot longer to potty train them. For whatever reason they just don’t learn as quickly how to potty where there supposed to.

  4. Gregory

    All dogs need training in order to live in a human world! Many pet owners know how to train, but if you do not understand dog behavior and do not know where to start, sign up for a training class. House training will be covered in the class as well as dog behavior and how to deal with misbehaviors. Obedience and manners will be covered too.

  5. top dog training

    For potty training, if the dog goes poo or pee in the house, then don’t yell at the dog or spank the dog. That only teaches the dog not to get caught.

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