Frontline advantage for my cats to prevent ticks and fleas. My vet recommends it but is it not safe? If not safe what other things could I use to keep fleas and ticks off my cats?


  1. Love my Meyer

    I use frontline, why wouldn’t it be safe, the vet wouldn’t let you use it on your beloved animals if it wasn’t safe. But it is much better just to keep your cat indoors, now letting them outdoors that’s NOT safe and you should be more worried about that.

  2. petcompa

    Honestly, the best thing to do is to stay away from commercial flea products as they contain chemical insecticides that can cause liver damage to both you and your cats. Try using Target Spray for Fleas instead. An herbal formulation, Feline Target Spray is a safe alternative to insecticides, which can cause liver damage. Its insect repellent action deters cat fleas from making their home on your cat.…

  3. Jackson

    Definitely, Frontline is safe. But you must follow the instructions and put it where your cat can’t lick. Between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck.
    I’ve used it for several years. We’re in a woodsy area, and ticks are a problem. I was amazed. A dose of Frontline, and those nasty things just fell off and died. Did the same for fleas. I could almost hear my cat say, “Ahhhhh.”

  4. researched it

    I have used it on my pets without any adverse effect on the pets or us. Just follow the instructions. You apply it to the nape of the neck of the pet. Wash you hands after applying it and don’t leave the stuff where a child might get into it.
    All of the other products are toxic and they don’t work. The natural, non-chemical alternatives don’t work and just because it is “natural” doesn’t mean there won’t be side effects. Oils like eucalyptus can cause awful skin reactions.
    See the attached article for more tips on getting rid of fleas.

  5. Andie

    Frontline and Advantage are two different products made by different companies. Both work well for flea control, but Advantage does not offer tick protection. If you have ticks in your area, you would be better off with the Frontline Plus.

  6. ★French Kiss☆

    I use it, millions of people do, and vets recommend it and I think vets know a lot about animals, they’ve been to college and veterinary school and deal with lots of animals so I would say it’s fine. I get mine from this website and it’s like $10 cheaper

  7. CindyRVT

    Frontline and Advantage (2 different products) are both safe for your pets. I have used Frontline on my personal pets for years and have known many many owners who used it on their pets for years.

  8. T.J.

    Yes its safe.
    Millions of people use it on there cats
    Your vet recommends it.
    He recommends it because it’s safe and effective. It is unhealthy for your pet to have all theose fleas and ticks.

  9. Thwarted

    yes frontline or advantage or revolution are all safe to use on your cat, it is hartz that is not safe.

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