1. eenerelo

    i enrolled my dog in the puppy kindergarten class at petsmart when he was 10 weeks old. i think the class can be beneficial IF you have a good instructor. our teacher left in the middle of the 6 week program and we got another one that was obviously more experienced. so the second half of the course was much better than the first. i felt the class was helpful to me, a first time dog owner. it taught me how to communicate with my dog and how to understand and interpret his behavior. someone with a lot of experience with dogs probably would not benefit from it as much as i did. for the dog to learn and retain anything from the course, you MUST be consistent and persistent with him/her. if you know that you’re not going to do this, then it’s a waste of your time.
    hope this helps

  2. Randy

    What I have observed from the classes when I have been at the store is a big joke. I think it is a waste of money. I would call a local kennel club and get a referral.

  3. Gran Gran

    i’ve been thinking of taking my dog there for some training classes but i haven’t yet. I have heard though that they do help they train your dog to go to the potty and to be nice, i’ve heard it from several people that have experienced it, so you should take it in consideration.

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