I’m need to train my poodle and am wondering if this program works?


  1. Jack Schmitt

    About two, maybe three years ago I purchased and downloaded the e book but did not find any “earth shattering” secrets to training a dog. If you are serious in training your dog, take your dog to a local obedience club. A truly well trained dog will work with distraction. And at an obedience club, you certainly will get that.
    Here is a link that contains a lot of information re training for free. Use the methods that work for you.http://www.k9events.com/training.htm
    Owner of a Utility Dog.

  2. TSb

    Instead of looking for the perfect book on dog training, you and your dog would be much better off if you took your dog to training classes. You see, a big part of dog training is the socializing of your dog. These classes are really fun for both you and your dog.

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