I read Cesar’s Way and Be the Pack Leader by Cesar Millan, and let me tell you, I have zero experience with training but his books taught me how to transform my insecure yappy pug into my dream dog- a stable, happy and calm pug.


  1. κατταη-αχε ραώτικα

    No, I wouldn’t want to waste my time reading a crappy trainer’s book. I’d much rather read a good book that was written by a REAL trainer.

  2. TygerLil

    I credit Caeser wtih the friendship I have with my rescue husky mix. Why, that man is awesome in my opinion, I learned so much from watching him on TV.
    My dog and I are very close and I feel some gratitude toward Cesar.

  3. Lamboram

    I love watching that guy but I haven’t read his books. I really see things his way in a lot of respects, that communication with your dog isn’t about teaching them a bunch of commands that they need to obey, it’s about demonstrating leadership and living in a way that shows your dog what you expect. I’m definitely more affectionate and playful with my dog than what you see on his show, but I think he’s pretty much got it right.

  4. bigcatlo

    I haven’t read his book, but I watch the show. He is amazing. I use his techniques on my dogs and have even trained some of my friend’s dogs. The best thing about it is that it usualy only takes a few minutes for the dog to get the message.

  5. Pretty Much

    at 1st some of his methods seemed like a crock to me and watching the show i thought he made it look to easy to be true, but after trying some of his techniques i realize he knows what hes talking about
    stine i must have missed this giant country wide backlash caused by cesars training methods…. and hmmm i guess i missed all the episodes where cesars made dogs become “frozen in fear” relax hes just a dog trainer jeeze

  6. Weird Videos

    Ha ha,I feel like that from just watching his show!
    I’m always telling my sis how to control her husband’s rescue lab,then I tried to walk him! It was horrible! I am going to by his book next week,though(I’m getting a puppy 1st of Feb)

  7. fearfuld

    Unfortunately his techniques are not appropriate for many dogs, which is why he has a disclaimer on his show (Don’t try this at home!). He has dug up old punishment based training techniques that have been replaced by other more modern techniques that are appropriate for all dogs. Sure he’s got a way with dogs, but most owners are not Cesar and they end up doing things ‘their way’ not his way and doing it wrong. There are much better trainers and training techniques out there, but they don’t get the tv time. too bad.

  8. Nancy M

    The techniques you seem to want attributed to this TV guy aren’t his and never have been — they are techniques that have always been utilized and often times, as with this TV guy, incorrectly and without a lot of long term success — read the disclaimer please. Trainers have more than once doctrine and know that dogs, like people, vary and a good trainer has tons of variable techniques to train an animal. When your dog is stupid enough to think you are a dog and not a human, well, that is one limited dog! 🙂 P. T. Barnum was oh so right! hahaha

  9. Stine T

    Absolutely not. As he says himself, he is not a trainer, he rehabilitates dogs. And I don’t even like his attempts of that. He is one of the worst things that have happened to humane dog training in the last 10 years. His training methods are causing backlash all over the country with dogs that have to be retrained by non-confrontational dog trainers after the owners have tried to apply his methods.
    His theories are based on old ideas that were disputed 20 years ago, and his assumptions about wolf pack behavior are incorrect.
    What he calls “calm submission” is usually “frozen in fear”.
    I was fooled, too, in the beginning because it sounded so good, but then I listened to other trainers’ comments and looked closer at his claims and realized what he was really saying and doing.
    His methods are downright dangerous to people and dogs alike.

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