I brush my dogs with a flea comb, but I have never caught any fleas with it. It picks up flea poop, and is great for combing out loose hair, even ticks, but never a flea. I KNOW my dog has fleas(note the flea poop), so that’s not it.
You who brush your dogs with a flea comb and actually catch fleas, what’s your technique? How do you do it? Do you do it in a definate pattern(e.g. head to tail).
Thanks in advance!


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    You might have to trim the fur to comb effectively for fleas:http://www.fleascontrol.com/flea-combs.h…
    Another thing you can do is to comb while you’re giving your dog a bath and dab some baby oil on the comb before you start combing through the fur. That will be sticky and make it harder for fleas to escape.
    However, combing is not a very effective way to get rid of fleas. It doesn’t get rid of the eggs or the larva, which live around your house and not on the dog. You can read about all kinds of ways to get rid of them at:http://www.fleascontrol.com

  2. ~*~*Jen~

    get frontline spray it’s about 40 bucks but it lasts forever and it kills the fleas, none of that drop crap cause it doesn’t work this spray is awesome, you spray the dog like 4 or 5 times depending on the size of the dog behind the neck and that’s it fleas die, we have 13 dogs in our house one bottle lasts us 4 months it’s a great product

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    The flea comb is not meant to catch the fleas, but rather to remove the eggs that are attached to the hair shafts before the eggs have a chance to hatch.
    Start at the head and work your way to the tail.

  4. j c

    You need to get some flea shampoo from the pet store. If you do happen to catch a flea with the comb, unless you are able to kill it (very hard to do), it will simply jump up and land back on your dog.
    Kill the fleas with the shampoo, then use the comb to get them out. Then get one of the countless products available to keep the fleas off for good.

  5. md

    Have you tried Advantage? Any other bio-save sprays. Aside from using a comb? You won’t be able to catch them that way. 1st- bomb your house, back yard, and any other place you might think fleas lay their eggs. then give you dog flea bath wait a day to make sure he is fully dry, and put the Advantage on him.

  6. Madison

    Flea combs don’t get rid of fleas- it’s more so when they all die, you can get them out. Buy Frontline or K9 Advantix and put it on your dog monthly (available at vets or pet stores).
    Also, since fleas jump and move very quickly flea combs aren’t likely to help.

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    Yeah, I dont ever get all of them, but I comb my dog out before I give him a bath to kill that many more fleas before my dog hits the water and the fleas run and hide (i’ve been told they run into his rear end and into his eyes, and I have seen them go into this eyes… my poor baby!)
    The comb I use is fairly small, with teeth very close together. I have noticed that there are more fleas near his back end and tail. Also the fleas tend to gather on his tummy, under his arms and legs- like in his armpits.
    I sit my yorkie up on the washing machine since it is white and I can see the fleas better. Some of them I can push against the back of the comb and kill them. Usually I try to quickly get them off the comb and squish them with the back of my finger, the hard fingernail part, against the washing machine. Sure, some of them have a chance to jumb back on my dog, but I kill way more than the ones that get away.
    My new favorite thing for the fleas is a pill called CapStar. You can get them at your vet or at 1800petmeds. My vet sells them for $5 a pill, but I found a different vet that will sell them to me (even though I dont go to him) for $2.75 a pill. They kill all of the fleas on your animal. They take about 30 minutes to work and last for a few hours (I’ve heard up to 24 hours, but I dont know that for sure). They are completely harmless to your animal and can be given daily. With these magic little pills, I havent picked up my flea comb in weeks!!

  8. theadesm

    The little black specks are not flea poop; they’re eggs. Depending on the length of the dog’s hair, the fleas may be down lower than you’re reaching with the comb. Give them a flea bath or get some Frontline flea killer.

  9. Lindy

    theadesm, the black specks are most definitely flea dirt (or flea poop). Flea eggs are white.

  10. Erin

    After each stroke with the flea comb, immediately dip it into a dish of soapy water. Make sure no fleas cling to the comb, and they will drown. If you are quick, hardly any jump back onto the dog.

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