I’ve had a number of dogs in my life and I’ve never taken any to training.
I wish I had. I’ve been taking my American Eskimo to training and it is such a big difference.
Those of you who have taken your dog to training, do you think it should be required by law so that dogs with ‘behavior problems’ may be saved?


  1. gsdmommy

    That would be a pleasure.
    Unfortunately, it’s hard to get pet owners to work with their dogs outside of class and to use what they’ve learned, so unfortunately, a law wouldn’t really help.
    Nice thought, and I’m glad you’re getting so much out of the class!
    Enjoy – good job!

  2. geminisi

    I took my three year old pitbull to training class when he was 1 1/2 years old and it helped him out a lot. He enjoyed going to the class and he learned how to listen better. He is a joy to walk down the street now. When other dogs are barking at him while we are walking by, he looks at the dogs but he keeps his pace and don’t look back.
    That was a very nice experience.

  3. TY

    I had English Mastiff’s which are very large dogs. Of course they were cute puppies when I got them. But without the training I put them through they would have been 200 pound monsters that no one including myself could control. I am a believer in training and think everyone who can should put their dog through it. It makes for such a more enjoyable pet. As far as being required honestly not everyone who loves their pet can afford it.

  4. walk with him

    Well I consider myself very well qualified to answer this question. Uhhh…. you see dogs are pre packaged they are aged to perfection. By trying to “train” your dog you are merely tying a cinder block to its head. Spam in my hair. You should not have gotten me started on the present state of public education in america. book crook nook look HAMBURGER. 15 YEARS is a long time If you think about it logically would you want to eat the same food every meal for 17 years well that is exactly what you are doing to “spot” your dog…….don’t get smart with me ….of course dogs have taste buds ……..but you must have been born without a heart.. I’ve had enough of this kiss miss And please stop asking such stupid questions

  5. halfpint

    I trained my own dog. It was a very rewarding experience. I read read read and read. it was a bonding moment for me and my dog. Taking your dog to training is good. I wouldn’t say it should be required by law though. all responsible owners should train their dogs or take them to classes to get trained. This should be the responsibility of the owner and for the love of the dog which they have started sharing their lives with.
    Breeders should get their dog’s temperment checked before they breed, this could help with those behavior problems as well.

  6. Meditation for beginners

    NO WAY!!!Don’t force people to pay for something you can do yourself.Try watching Animal planet,”the dog whisperer”,..he is amazing,and can tell you the way dogs think.Once you learn that the real training begins.

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