My dog, mayDay, will NOT get a ball or toy or anything. She is a Female Coker Spaniel/Poodle mix. I threw her a ball made for jumping jacks, a little squishy ball, a football (though she is small) a little toy dog, a little rabbit, and she has only gone after a ball on or two balls AT A WALK. She will not get anything I through, except for treats. I have EVEN tried putting the squishy ball in her dog food so she would smell it. but she payed NO attention whatsoever. I’m desperate! How can I get her to fetch??


  1. Shelby Jane

    You have to throw the toy and yell fetch and then go run and get it and come back. Keep doing that and eventually your dog should catch on to what she is supposed to do. You may feel a little awkward but if you want to get your dog so fetch that bad your going to have to do whatever it takes.

  2. Schnauzer Mom ♥

    Some dogs just don’t have the strong retrieval instinct or drive. I don’t know that there’s anything you can do to “make” him enjoy playing fetch.
    I’ve known some dogs who, when you throw a ball or a stick for them to fetch, look at you like, “What, you expect me to go get it? If you wanted it that badly, you shouldn’t have thrown it away in the first place.”

  3. eldri

    start with the ‘drop’,
    Put the ball in her mouth, say ‘drop it’,when she spits it out,praise her, give her treats—-
    pretty soon she will put it in her own mouth when you offer it–
    (you say ‘get it’,or ‘fetch!’ and praise her for grabbing the toy)
    so you can tell her ‘drop it’, and give her treats
    then pick it up off the ground–
    (same commands)
    then you can throw it a little ways– etc
    IF she decides its a great game, fetch can become its own reward–

  4. Val

    You should start off by getting the dog to be interested in the ball, by rolling it to her, and when it picks it up, praise it alot. Then you can start with very short distances,like a foot, and praise it alot each time for showing interest. Dogs really want to please, mainly just be very patient, , also mybe trying a toy she already likes to play with to play fetch would work even better.

  5. Jemma

    Some dogs just don’t like to fetch so you have to teach them try throwing the ball a short distence then running after it yourself giggling and laughing and and clapping and calling Mayday then once you get to the ball if she still hasn’t come roll the ball on the floor and pretend to play with it yourself you may look stupid but once she sees you chasing after the ball and having fun with is she may want to do it too!

  6. Lana

    Of course all of the other answers are good, but some dogs are visual learners. Grab a friend, go outside, and take your dog with you. Start playing catch with the friend and “ignoring” the dog. Eventually, she will want to get in on the fun too. Then you can start throwing it to her as well.

  7. Another Planet

    Teach her to play at pulling with you. An old cloth or raggy dog toy is ideal. Sit on the floor & let her win the pulling games in the beginning by pretending that she pulling you along. When she is good at the game, take the toy & throw it a short distance. When she gets it you go & get it too & play tug of war. She will soon like to bring it towards you so she can play the game.

  8. reispins

    Try getting control of your self. Have Patience. not all dogs fetch by nature. read the book “Don’t Shoot the Dog” by Karen Pryor for more on basic training techniques. training needs to be done when you are calm and can be patient with yoru dog try limiting the training periods to 5 to 10 minute and encourage any thing close to getting the ball at first and then requiring more action before you give encouragement until the dog brings you the ball you will see a change and an understanding when your dog finally understands what you want from it in this game. make it fun not a chore for you and your dog. seek a professional trainers help if needed and veterinary help regularly for your dog.

  9. tlctreec

    A cocker/poodle mix is not exactly the best fetching dog around.They were not bred to fetch and it may be something you will never get her to do. If she has no intrest in the ball at all she most likely will never fetch.
    I have owned many dogs who would not fecth. Dobermans are not known for it either.

  10. halfpint

    put the ball in a treat jar. it will absorb the treat smell. put the dog on a leash. when she goes and get the ball and if she will not come to you then slowly pull the dog to you. then praise the dog it will get the hang of it. to drop the ball i always lightly patted the nose.

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