My house over a course of three weeks has been contoured by fleas how do i get rid of them there evry where they’ve bitten one spot on my leg so much its bleeding so any answers.


  1. purrfect

    First things first you have to rid the dogs of fleas and the best way to do this is flea collars as they last and kill the eggs. The fleas eggs take about two weeks to hatch so after you have dealt with the dogs, flea bombs are really good however you will have to do it again two weeks after the first time to get rid of the fleas eggs because if you don’t get rid of the eggs they will come back.

  2. vg55 v

    You can try bombing the house. There is anti-fleas and bug bombs at home depot or lowes, just make sure you take your animals outside for the day while you do it.

  3. larry s

    tough question. sounds like you have a pretty good infestation..if they are biting you. adult fleas get a blood meal from your pet and then usually drop off the pet and lay eggs. if you have carpets then it is tougher to get rid of them. you can ‘bomb’ the house with the aerosols you can get at your vet’s or pet store. but this doesn’t always work due to eggs, larvae and pupae that are down in the carpet and under the furniture and hard to get insecticides to them. it can be very frustrating to get rid of them especially if you live in a warm and humid climate. burning the house down or a small thermonuclear device will work, too.

  4. Robert

    Flea collars don’t work!!! The only thing to keep them off pets, especially dogs, is Frontline Plus that you get at the vets. You have to start this early in the season and be on track, monthly, in repeating it. Once you get them off your pet–watch cat flea products because some cats are sensitive to the ingredients and may get seizures and even die—then you can bomb your house. The bombs are costly–the good ones run about $10 apeice–and you should put one on each level of your house or apartment. To be safe, though, I would try to make that at least 2 bombs per floor. Of course you and your pets have to leave the house for about 4 hours as the bombs do their work. Make sure all windows and doors are closed when you set the bombs off or they won’t be as effective. The Frontline is pricey, too. About $12 to $15 an application–one application per month. But hey, these preventative costs are priceless when you’re not being attacked by fleas and your legs are not red and itchy. I know from experience, I have 2 large dogs and 2 cats and had one summer of misery about 4 years ago and vowed I would never do it again. This formula above works. Haven’t had a flea since.

  5. Music Producer

    you have to get rid of the fleas on the dog first, go to your ve and get advantage flea and tick. put it on the dog and leave the dog out for a few hours or the fleas will jump off of th dog and into your carpet causing a bigger problem. after that the dog should not have any fleas for about a month. to get rid of the fleas in your home go and buy some beer and before you go to bed at night pour the beer into a bowl and place it directly under a light. turn out all of the other lights in that room. do this in each room and repeat it for 2 or 3 nights. be sure to use fresh beer each night and by the 3rd night you should be flea free. good luck

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