My dogs have never had fleas and now they do, so I don’t know what to do! I have tried frontline and it didn’t work AT ALL. I also tried flea collars. The only thing that has worked is flea shampoo and I hate using that stuff because I know it must burn there skin.
I will use a shampoo and then 1 day later my dog is already itching! They are in the house too.
Please Help! My dog has been keeping me up all night scratching non-stop! Everything I have tried but the shampoo has failed.
Only serious answers please!

PetLibrary says:

We’re sorry to hear you’re having these problems.

Knowing that we’re treating our pets with the right solution to the problem, whether diet or health, is always a concern.

We highly recommend looking into some of the best dog shampoos on the market, advancements are made every day and there are some great anti-flea shampoos as well as some for itchy and sensitive skin, K9 Magazine has a best dog shampoo guide online currently, for example.

In the meantime, any time you treat your pet for fleas but not the surrounding you will get yourself in a flea lifecycle loop. You must wash the beds, treat the carpet, sofa and soft furnishings, wash their soft toys and wash all hard floors to the corners. Only once you’ve treated the home and everywhere your pet lies, will treating them too be effective.

Best of luck.



  1. Kids Easel

    There is a product called FleaBusters RX you can get from your vet, it is a powder that kills the flea eggs in your carpets. It isn’t a poison, it just dries them out, so it is safe in the house. It works GREAT. We used it and at the same time used “Duratrol” Yard Control spray on all the bushes in the yard to kill the fleas, and shampood the pets. We had no further problems with fleas for over 2 years.
    I know Advantage works really well as a flea preventer for cats, I don’t know if they have a dog version and if so how good it is, but if they have one I would try it.
    Also, my best friend’s mom has always given her dogs a bit of yeast (I think it was brewer’s yeast) with each meal. The vitamin B compounds in it repel fleas and mosquitoes and ticks — she lives in the country and never has any problem with any of those pests, so it must work really well. I have seen her adopt stray dogs that are all mangy-looking from flea problems, and within a month or two they look perfectly healthy again from just the yeast (she doesn’t use flea collars or chemical treatments of any kind).


    An inexpensive way to rid your yard of fleas is to sprinkle DE (diatomaceous Earth) all over the yard. You can buy a large bag for just a few dollars at any swimming pool supply store. It is used normally as part of the filtration system for swimming pools.

  3. Great Dane Lover

    Did you use the real Frontline from the vet or did you buy oTC Frontline?
    Over shampooing, especially with a flea shampoo can cause skin problems that wil lmake itching and scratching worse.
    Flea collars and other OTC products are worthless and dangerous.
    You need to vacumn your house daily and throw away the bag after each vacumning in an outside trash container. I would also advise getting a household flea spray from your vet. Pay particular attention to under furniture, cracks & crevices, around baseboards. If you have a flea infestation in your house it can take 3-4 months to get a handle on it and get it taken care off. No matter what flea product you use you will see fleas on your pet as long as there are fleas in the enviornment. If you are using the real Frontline it is working but because you have fleas in the house you still see fleas.

  4. tikitiki

    You said Frontline didn’t work? Did you buy the right dose/for dog size? I’ve had good luck with Advantage. Could ask your vet, there’s all different kinds Revolution etc. of products out. Stay away from the over the counter ones at the stores, they don’t seem to work well-Hartz, Zodiac, Adams. http://www.drsfostersmith.com/
    This is the cheapest I have found, they usually have very good sales, and you receive the items within a week.
    Dog shampoos I don’t think are meant to be used a lot in a short time. They don’t work, they kill the immediate fleas, but don’t seem to repel them very well. And don’t waste your money on flea/tick collars.
    Also, what you should do, is treat your yard/area where the dogs go. Go to Walmart or whatever’s by you, and buy some flea/tick yard granules (also comes in a spray I think) I used Eliminator. I have a big yard/area to do, so I used a spreader , but you could probably get away with using an old coffee can or something. Follow the directions on the package.
    As far as the house, you could bomb it, I’ve never done that, I have fish tanks, and you need to read the directions carefully if you have any gas pilot light appliances. I have mostly hardwood floors, and a little carpet, just be sure to vacuum A LOT. You can also try taking one of those flea collars and throwing it in the vacuum cleaner bag/cannister.
    It’ll take a few weeks, but within a week you should start seeing a big decrease in the fleas.

  5. Chick with pets

    You need to get rid of the fleas in the house before the dog. Or both at the same time. Take the dog to groomers for flea bath while you have an exterminator in to flea bomb.

  6. Stephani

    that has happened it us.. last year…. it took a lot of work but we finally got them out.
    look up on here. fleas.. and you will get a lot of questons that ask the same thing u are asking, with a lot of helpful advice
    i had to bathe my dogs everyday…… remember to treat the house before you let the dogs back on the rugs b.c they can just hop right back on.

  7. advicemo

    are you sure you applied the frontline correctly? it worked for me, and since it continues killing it should kill the new fleas that were on the rug but then jumped on your dog. maybe try advantix

  8. how to train a dog

    Unfortunatly fleas are not easy to get rid of it is alot of work to get rid of them and money. You have to bomb your house with flea bombs which you can find at the store follow directions on can also treat animals usually getting them dipped at a pet store or a vet it is called dipped you can ask them but you have to treat anythng and everything from your house to the animals to the car which you transprt and anything they were in. I would also get a spray that you can spray on you carpets curtains and furniture afterwards. Raid makes on Im not sure of the name but it is a purple can it works real well they also make the flea bombs it may take a couple of times if you dont do it just right they will come back very fast. because there are fleas larve and eggs that all have to be killed after that is all said and done continue to treat animals with frontline or something like that I would also spray the carpet and furniture once in a while with the spray just too make sure you get rid of all the eggs and larve as well as the fleas. Don’t give up hope I have had them a couple of times it is not easy to get rid of them but it is very possible. Hope I could help talk to a vet about the dipping or petco. and treat the rest of the stuff yourself it explains how on the bombs. Good luck!

  9. jessica_

    we have a puppy that is five month old puppy that would not keep his flea Collier on. he had fleas bad. so we went to the dollar store and got some flea shampoo. for it to work you have to give them a bath once a week or they will keep coming back. the shampoo does not burn there skin find the mild shampoo for sensitive skin. some times it hard to find so try pet smart they should have it.

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