I have used drontal and frontline which i got from the vet and also treated the house for fleas but they still have both. It just seems impossible to get rid of the things. Any advice?


  1. TLO

    how old is the cat?…they sell deworming medicine at any store (publix, walgreens, petsmart, walmart etc) that usually works…make sure your getting rid of all the poop quickly, that way whatever worms are coming out dont have a chance of getting back in…also i’ve found that ONLY advantage works for fleas…..if you have ticks then frontline works but for fleas do ADVANTAGE…

  2. Kerry

    When you used Frontline did you make sure to apply to the skin only otherwise it won’t work. Frontline is one of the best available so if this isn’t working I would speak to a vet or call a surgey and speak to a nurse over the phone to ge advice.

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