Recently I took in my cousin’s dog who she did not care for the care much because I recently found out she had fleas so I treated her to get rid of the fleas. Then today I noiced my other dog had a flea on him. So my question is, how can I treat my other animals(dogs and cats) from the fleas and also the carpets and etc? I really can’t afford to spend over $100 on flea meds right now. Any advice? Thanks


  1. Camirra

    The flea medications you get from your vet may be a little stronger, but they are also much more expensive. Since you’re on a budget, I suggests checking out the Zodiac brand products. They can be purchased at any pet supply store and cost half what you would pay at your vet.
    They have drops and carpet powder and even bombs (if needed). I have found their products to be VERY effective.

  2. mom of 2

    Fleas will always move from animal to animal, you can’t keep one animal with fleas from contaminating other animals in the same house, and also the carpet and soft furnishings. You need to treat all the animals and then flea bomb your house. Also make sure to wash all the bedding. Check with your vet to ask which is the best and most economical way of taking care of this. You may also be able to find cheaper alternatives at the store.
    Good luck.

  3. k-rozz

    i always tell everyone its basically the same way as getting rid of head lice…the only difference between the head lice crawls and fleas jump.first of all get your dogs and cats on frontline or advantage if you havent already …keep them on it even during the winter.steam clean your carpet,upholestry,and beds (including the pet beds)anything that can be washed in hot water in a washing mashine,such as clothes and drapes,the kids stuffed plushies so.dont bother with flea collars ,they dont work…if you have your pets on flea medicine already,do not use a flea shampoo…you dont want to overdose your animals on too much medication.get a flea comb and start combing your pets everyday with it,take any fleas or eggs in the comb and make sure you wash them down the sink.keep your pets on frontline or advantage year around, as during the winter the warmth in your house is great for fleas to breed heres an excellent article also on controlling fleas

  4. Sahara

    Frontline for each of the pets works wonderfully.
    I had a cat that came to me with fleas. I applied the Frontline to each of them. It lasts a month. I vacuumed every day for a month. No fleas. My cats are all indoors only.
    With dogs, you will need to use Frontline monthly during the long season. It is a great product.

  5. tracy n

    I have herd that you can give the animals a bath with Dawn dish washing liquid, and it will kill the fleas. I wouldn’t do this a lot because it will dry them out. Also keep your floors and furniture clean. I shake salt all over my rugs and carpet and let it sit for a few minutes then I vacuum. The salt will kill the fleas.

  6. doc's wife

    You need to contact your vet and pick up a product from them- fleas are very hard to get rid of- you need a good product applied to each pet- montlhy.

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