i’ve vaccuumed (sp) them up, got rid of the bag, sprayed some flea spray but they are still around. is there some sort of bomb out there that will work better than just your average flea spray? and where can i get it? i just don’t know what to do about these darn fleas, they are everywhere! and i have a good size house with wood floors so at least they are not in a carpet. thanks for your help.


  1. sophieb

    It’s called “Raid” and it’s in fogger form at your nearest grocery store. You’d probably need 3 or 4 medium sized spray cans for the first floor depending on if you live in a house or apartment. Never let them head at your face. I suggest you do this on a fairly cool day or do it first thing in the morning. Remove your pets and their food and water bowl, cover everything, put all your food into the frig, open cupboards, closets and drawers, then start the first fogger (on a piece of newspaper or on a chair in the room at the furthest part of the house and set the others off as you leave the house (last one in the middle of the room where you will be leaving the house. Hurry. The directions say all the windows must be closed and that you need to leave the house while this stuff does it’s job. When you return, return by yourself and first open all the windows to air out, pick up the mess. Let it all dry. Then remove all the covers you used and wash them in the washer. Clean the dishes you will be eating off of and clean your counter tops, etc.
    Anyway, you may need to do this a couple of times a month or two apart to rid yourself of the fleas. Remember that if you have wool clothes the fleas can infest those clothes as well so after fogging (having opened the closets) you may need to dryclean those items before you wear them. So when you bring your pet back indoors you will need to use “Advantage” or “Frontline” on them. If you have a yard, maybe your yard is having a flea problem. In that case you can buy a product/spray (attach it to the rubber hose and spray it on your yard) for fleas.

  2. tragedys

    You need to get a spray or fogger that has what’s called an IGR, Insect growth regulator. This will kill the adult fleas, eggs, larvae…
    Otherwise no matter what you spray, vaccum etc they will be back in a few weeks when the cycle restarts.
    I reccomend Ectokyl, you can get it at the vet and I think petsmart. It costs aboput 12 dollars or so depending on where you go. Ectokyl inhibits re-infestation for 9 months.
    When battling fleas; Fleas are photophobic which means they like dark areas. Be sure you vaccum along base boards, under the sofa..under the bed, inbetween sofa cusions, etc.
    Be sure you are keeping your pets on a monthly topical flea treatment like frontline 🙂
    good luck!

  3. Oh

    you need to ask a proffesionel bug killer htey can handle it better then u even if u do find out what to do

  4. Needtokn

    Ok, here’s what my dad always did and believe me it works. He would find someone with a black walnut tree and get some green leaves from it. He would take the leaves and lay them around on our carpet and hardwood floors, underneath and behind furniture, and let them stay there until they dried. Then I’d pick them up and vaccuum what was left. Fleas were gone. I can’t tell you why it works but it definitely does. I use them now in my house when I bring them in on my feet. Hope it works for you. Good luck!

  5. WP Robot

    We have two cats and a dog who love to go out and play in the field out side and bring in there buddies with them. Every so often I go to Wal-Mart (WV)they have a flea bomb in a purple box. I’m almost sure Raid makes it. They are made just for fleas. This particular one is a bit more expensive than the other ones but is well worth the price. I put one in every room and in the big room I put two just to make sure there is plenty of the fog to go everywhere—to be honest I probably put out too many. Shut up everything and load up the kids and take off for most of the day. Usually my husband comes home first to air out the house before I bring the kids back —works every time.

  6. stevetow

    You might try a bug bomb. You have to evacuate but it should kill the little buggers. They are likely to come back if you don’t eliminate the source though.

  7. mike b

    You can try bug foggers they work good of fleas. Put one in each room and you will need to stay out of the house for several hours.
    Look for the non flammable foggers that way you don’t need to turn off the power and gas.
    You will also want to wash all your linens, curtains, and clothes.
    Lastly figure out how the fleas got into your house. You don’t want to get rid of them to only have them brought back.

  8. Anomoly

    There are flea and roach bombs that you can use…..
    make sure that you wash all of your clothes
    and vacuum frequently…
    treat the grass outside for fleas
    and use flea sprays for the hard to get areas in the house.

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