Can anyone tell me how fleas can live without a pet to live on and any suggestions on how to get ride of them. Only safe products please, I have to small children.


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    Did you just move into your place?
    Maybe your carpet needs replacement.
    Have you or your kids been around animals that the little critters hopped a ride to your place?
    It’s best to call your local vet to see what they recommend on how to get rid of them.
    I think fleas can live somewhere where there is no animal.
    It all depends on the house and furnishings.
    Good luck.

  2. k-rozz

    2 questions-
    1)did you just move into your home and the previous owner/renter had a pet?
    2) do you have alot of shaded area in your yard?
    if you answered yes to either..thats why you have fleas.look at this way head lice and fleas basically need the same treatment,carpet,curtains,mattresses and any other area for them to crawl in needs to be treated.fleas dont need pet blood to survive..they just need blood.and it could have been possible you are bring them in from outside…they like warm dark areas..which is why people still have problems in the winter.this website has a great article on how to get rid of fleas both on pets and in the house ,the yard as well as pets (for those that have pets) as well as for those that dont…the yard..get rid of the shade..fleas die in sunlight.

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