My poor dog… We got her a new flea collar… We took her to get groomed and gave her a flea dip… My roommate has scrubbed her with two or three different anti-flea products and has sprayed down the whole house with flea killer. And she STILL has fleas. Any suggestions?


  1. Robin D

    Frontline is the only way to go. Capstar is a pill that will kill all the fleas within minutes, but they’ll come right back without using Frontline.
    Use Knockout (from your vet) on the room surfaces.
    Flea collars only protect a few inches on the neck, and most flea dips and dusts will only stun the fleas, then you need to use a flea comb on every inch of your dog’s body to get the stunned fleas off. Then you have to repeat over and over because they do not kill the eggs.
    Frontline is way easier. One tube on the back of the neck and you’re done. Totally worth the cost.

  2. Younglin

    try advantage it’s great. you open up the litle tube, and squeeze out the stuff on the dog’s back or under it’s collar, then you make sure it’s rubbed in (use gloves) and then don’t touch it and eat something. make sure to wash your hands and it’ll be fine

  3. jamublue

    you can start by pulling it one by one using tweezors of course.another way is bathing your dogs body with kerosene,not in the face then rinse thoroughly after 5 minutes.with shampoo of course

  4. Jessica

    I have/had the same problem with my dog Ginger. We tried everything.
    We took our other Boston Terriers to the vet and our lab and bought frontline. We recentley put it on Ginger and after about two days I have only seen her strach once. Try that and I hope that works!
    Good Luck!

  5. darkcuti

    Take the dog to get groomed, or get the dog a flea shot if that don’t work i don’t know. Be careful you might catch or they might end up all over your house.

  6. Tigger

    Poor thing! She has got to be miserable!
    It sounds like your flea problem is a bit extreme. So- respond with extreme prejudice!
    Get her dipped again, and this time board her while you treat your house and yard: The fleas are probably out there waiting when you walk her. You may want a professional’s help with the yard.
    For your house, wash everything that is washable. And while you’re doing that, sprinkle borax, powdered laundry detergent, or a powder made to kill fleas and flea eggs on your carpet and furniture. Let that sit at least 20 minutes, then vacuum. And keep vacuuming every day for at least 2 weeks.
    When you bring your dog back, feed her brewer’s yeast and garlic. That should take care of your flea problem.
    Good luck!
    p.s.: I’ve never had a flea collar on my pets that actually worked, and most of my pets were actually allergic to them.

  7. Mary

    I dont think dogs or cats could ever get rid of fleas for good. They seem to always come back on my poor dog. Good luck though.

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    you should get him some frontline, and pour some BORAX all around your house because you probably live on a lot of sand, thats probably where the fleas are coming from…
    if all that doesnt work, take your dog to the vet, and get to the hospital cuz you are tottaly cursed !!!

  9. ulverston shopping

    Frontline from the vet for sure. It works really well! My dog also had terrible fleas and I would bathe her and comb the fleas off but it never worked. Then I bought some Frontline and now my dog never has fleas. I got an 8.5 oz bottle of it for $35.00 at the vets and every month I spray my dog. She is fleasless and I am very happy! Hope that helps!

  10. lodeemae

    frontline usually worked for me if i made sure that all the fleas were out of the carpet and i made sure that they stayed in the yard and not everywhere else. we live in the country and they have a large area to run. capstar is good for fleas. its more in the southern states. i loved that. one pill and they are gone within a couple of days. also to keep them away, feed them a garlic pill every day. it works.

  11. simplici

    After doing all that if your still getting them try to bomb your home and spray your yard she is still getting them from somewhere and by treating everything you can solve your problem

  12. Nora G

    ok u need to do the dog and the house on the same day, 7 to 10 days later u need to do the house again to get any eggs that hatched, then u get her advantage or frontline and put it on her and b faithful about it month after month and of course, keeping her inside and not letting her roam about will certainly keep the flea problem down.u will probably need a professional exterminator to get the job done properly but that is up to u, there is di-it-urself that u can buy. good luck

  13. your1sta

    FrontLine Plus is great for dogs. It goes by the size and you squeeze it on the back of the neck once a month. Collars don’t do much but irritate their neck. If you have fleas inside your house you will need to break the hatching cycle. You do this by bombing your house with a fogger once a wk. Fleas lay hundreds of eggs at one time and they hatch about every 7 days. A vet told me when I had the same issue to set off a fogger once a weak till the cycle breaks. I sat off foggers every Sat. and went shopping or to the movies. I did this about 6 wks. I haven’t had a problem since thanks to FrontLine. Good Luck

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