We recently got a dog that came with free fleas. We want to get them off of him but want to avoid the vicious cycle of them going from dog to carpet to dog, etc. Most of the house is carpeted and we also have fabric couches and four kids. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  1. bri

    Treat him with Frontline – this eliminates the fleas from him and breaks their breeding cycle so they dont multiply in your home.

  2. NoQuitte

    I would give him a flea bath, and treat the carpet and furniture to kill the egges. Then if he has been outside, it is important to treat the lawn. You can get Insect Granules for the lawn. If the lawn isn’t treated, he will keep getting fleas on him whenever he goes outside. I haven’t had a flea problem for years, since my husband has done the granules. Please read all warnings of what ever you use so it doesn’t hurt the dog, or your children. I hope this helps.

  3. jml_bark

    If you go in the pet section at Wal-Mart they have Flea Killer for carpets, it works great, plus it kills roaches & it smells great. Just sprinkle it on the carpet & vacuum it up…We have a cat but I use it mostly for the fact that my husband goes out to the field for military exercises sometimes & one time when he came home there was a tick on him.

  4. tink

    Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, wait a day before you sweep it up. I’ve also heard before a dog comes inside to use a lint roller on it, it is suppose to grab any fleas that may have got on your dog. You may be lucky enough not to get any fleas!

  5. ann b

    First clear the dog then spray all your carpets and soft funishings with house flea spray and it may be useful to do everything (not the dog) with a steam cleaner every few days until you are sure all is well.

  6. saaanen

    Frontline or Top Spot stops them dead! You won’t have to do anything but use either one. Just ask your vet.

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