It’s one of those flea brushes and it pulls out all the fleas and ticks. They are inside cats but we live in a woodsy area. so have you had any experience and how did you deal with it? How can i brush them without getting fleas all over? thanks for the advice erybody!


  1. Chalice

    You will not get rid of fleas by brushing/combing. They may remove them but they will just hop right back on! And don’t even bother trying to drown the fleas either, because you’ll never get them all, and you’ll certainly never get the eggs, which you can’t even see. Flea combs/brushes are only useful for removing flea dirts, and for diagnosing a flea infestation.
    Get some proper treatment from a vets i.e Frontline, Advantage or Revolution. Get it on your cat’s skin, not fur, and they will be protected from fleas for at least a month.
    Do not use store-bought products, this stuff is dangerous and doesn’t work. And don’t bother trying to comb fleas out, you’ll be there for the rest of your life!!

  2. krennao

    I would have a bowl of rubbing alcohol that I would dip the , well I had a comb. And I would wipe it off, you could rinse it off once its full enough. Another idea if you have fleas all over I would try brushing her in the bathtub, once your done. kick on the water to kill the fleas.

  3. Geaux LSU Tigers!!!

    Try a flea comb, and every time you get a flea on it, dip it in soapy water to kill them. Also, put Frontline on the kitties. I have never had a problem since I used it.

  4. meatismu

    get a deep bowl and fill it with HOT SOAPY water, run the brush through your cats fur then swish the fleas off in the water, the fleas will drown, if your quick the fleas won’t jump away, they’ll be tangled in the fur that you also will get in the brush. I suggest you also buy a shampoo that kills fleas and ticks, this will get rid of eggs and any remaining fleas.

  5. Elaine M

    I use a flea comb and every swipe I stop, pull the fur off the comb, check for fleas and use my fingernails to crush the fleas into two pieces. You can also push the live flea into a glob of vasoline where it’ll suffocate.
    It’s the only way to kill them when you get them off the cat.

  6. Wordpress Plugins

    Take a bowl and fill with a mixture of Ivory soap and water. Then dip the flea brush in the soapy water and comb through their hair. Then rinse in the soapy water; it will kill the fleas instantly. Then repeat until done. Good Luck.

  7. Tor

    Take the cat outside on a leash to brush them, then give yourself a good shake before going back in.

  8. Gracie

    I comb my cat with a metal nit/lice comb and kill the fleas with my nail by squashing them (or using something hard). It’s disgusting at first but it kills fleas really quickly. I also use a flea house spray and spray it around the house during the night to kill flea eggs.

  9. fafwey

    when you brush them, have a bowl of warm water with dish soap in it . use a good squirt in a bowl of warm water. after each brush stroke, dip the brush in the soapy water. dish soap kills fleas instantly.

  10. suzanne g

    Have a container of rubbing alcohol with you. (May have to pour it out into a bowl.) Dunk brush into it and it kills all fleas caught on brush. Dunk brush after each brushstroke. Shake off excess alcohol & continue. Doesn’t bother cat.
    All clothing off & into the laundry after.

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