All of a sudden I’ve been getting many bug bites on my feet, ankles, and calves. I just moved into a new apartment, and from what I’ve asked other people they think that my apartment has fleas.
The bites are small and red, not big and swollen like mosquito bites. They are hard and they hurt more than they itch.
I really hope there are no fleas – gross! But I need to know if I should get the place treated.


  1. dani c

    I am dealing with the same problem. The fleas are jumping on you as you walk by their spots. You need to completely vacuum the entire place and mop thoroughly. Clean as much as possible and throw out old stuff that was left behind. Then you need a good flea treatment. I am using Precor and I am still at war with the tenacious bastards. Don’t wait, go to war! Tell your landlord too! It is unacceptable for you to pay your hard earned money to move into a situation like that!

  2. junkie_3

    Sometimes there are hella mosquitoes that bite you if you let them in and if they are fleas get rid of them because you can get a disease

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