I just bought a puppy yesterday and saw quit a few fleas on him today. I went and bought advantage for him right away and applyied it to him and after 4 hours I still see fleas that are alive. Is this medication not working?


  1. lt4827

    It will take up to 24 hours to work effectively. If you want to see no fleas in such a short amount of time you should get a dose of capstar. it will kill all fleas on an animal in 30 minutes. You might want to be sure that your house or the outside environment is not adding to the possible flea problem. You would have to treat those areas with a premise spray. Rec you read the box from your Advantage purchase, they have an #800 phone number if you are having issues.

  2. Rainbow Child

    It’s working. You need to give it 24-48 hours to begin to see the result you want. And don’t forget to re apply every 4 weeks.

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