My dog was messing around with a dead squirrel and the doctor said that the most common ailment a dog can get would be fleas. We checked the dog and she does not seem to be itching or anything but to be safe, we are giving her a bath tonight with medicated shampoo.


  1. gardengi

    First, what part of the country do you live? Out west in the desert, my dogs didn’t have one single flea, but I had to watch for ticks. Yes, squirrels do not carry rabies. I rushed a friend to the emergency room and they sent her home. How old is your dog? The first six months you are not suppose to use any topical flea control. If you don’t have them, don’t worry about it. Where I live, we have fleas year round, so I not only use topical, but I spray my yard every couple of months. I will suggest Heartworm prevention, because fleas can contribute to this. Good Luck.

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    Fleas are VERY common on cats and dogs. Try a preventative like Frontline Top Spot (you can only buy it at a vet clinic, but it works, and its guaranteed) BEFORE your house is infested. Fleas don’t live on animals, they feed off of them; they live in tall grass, hay bales, and inside your house in carpet, furniture, cracks and crevices. Put the preventative on now, before you have a problem. I waited too long once, and then I found out I have an allergy to flea bites; one bite itches for six weeks, and that is not fun. If you have any other animals, they should be treated too.

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    If the dog does not have fleas, it would be pointless to use medicated shampoo. Instead, you should get it on flea preventative.
    It’s pretty common for a dog to get fleas, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem unless the infestation is not taken care of asap or the dog is allergic to the flea bites. And a dog can also get tapeworms from eating fleas.

  4. smoothie

    Very common! Go to your vet and ask them what the best flea medication and try it out. I give my dog flea medication once a month and it seems to work really good. I use frontline and for heart worms i use interceptor.

  5. nyker

    It is very common and can happen even with the best of care. We use a product called Top Spot that you can buy at the vet, it works really well in controling fleas. You apply it once a month and you put just a couple of drops in their fur. It is non toxic Its not cheap stuff, but it is worth it

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    It actually wouldn’t be that hard for your dog to get fleas but you should also know that there is not a thing in this world wrong with letting your dog play with a dead squirrel – thousands of people train their dogs with dead animals! What kind of dog do you have? What state do you live in?

  7. Lilypie9

    if your dog goes outside at all, she will get fleas. you can buy yard spray from your vet or other pet supply store.
    use Frontline on your dog.
    and use Fleabusters in your home espeically if you have carpet.
    i highly recommend this stuff. pesticides are dangerous to your pets and young children. but Fleabusters contains Borax which dissolves the flea’s shell. it kills fleas AND their eggs in about 2 weeks. i have used Fleabusters once in 3 years and have 7 dogs and 1 cat in my home. i do not have a flea problem!

  8. Juju132

    It depends if the squril had fleas, its hard and uncommon for a dog to get them, but if your not carefull, it will occour. And I wouldnt be worried about fleas, i would be conserned about raibies! How can you just let ur dog fool around witha dead squirel?!?! well tahts just me.

  9. yetti

    Treating for fleas is all part of having a dog….most dogs will have some at some point…but there are monthy treatments to prevent them….If you bath her tonight you should be ok…I would consider getting her on a monthy treatment like Frontline….the will also help with ticks, and mosquitos….

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