my mom got a dog from the pound and she is disabled so it is hard for her to take dog out. so when i can’t be there she uses potty training pads for in the house. when i am there the dog has unlimited access to the outside, but comes in to go potty. how do i change this behavior?


  1. Buster S

    I have the perfect system for you. It’s the tinkle bell method. Go to hobby lobby and buy a Tinkle Bell or Jingle bell whatever you want to call it. Hang it on the door with plastic string (so your dong wont want to chew it).
    Then ring the bell 25-35 times and every time you do it give them their favorite treat.
    Then they will ring the bell themselves receiving a treat everytime.
    After your dog rings the bell start taking them out side and praising them with more treats when they go poo poo or potty.
    When they use the restroom inside on the pad hold them down in a dominating state and let them know this is bad(spanking is not necessary) Then after you pick up the pad have them ring the bell and take them and the pad outside and give them a treat showing your dog the spot outside you want them to go potty at.
    This gets tedious but the pay off is great. I trained our 2 year old lab/boxer mix as well as our new 8 week old chiuahuah/pommeranian mix. They use the bell eveytime they want to go outside and it took 3 days to learn and about 2 weeks to perfect.

  2. 6dogmom

    Is your mom going to continue using the pads when you aren’t home? If so you are going to really confuse this dog by using two different methods. If the pads are not going to be used anymore than the advice to move the pads outside is good advice. If your mom can’t take your dog out, maybe you could have someone else come over and take her out for you.

  3. rosey

    Just put the potty pads outside and make sure she knows where it is and she should use it. If she doesn’t you may need to put a dirty one out their first.

  4. prettyye

    put the pads closer to outside everyday so that way the dog first gets use to the pads being moved and closer to the outdoors then put the pads outside

  5. cRaZÏnËs

    I personally would place the pee pads outside so that he learns to head outside then slowly make the pee pads disappear

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