We have two cats with fleas. We live in a woodsy area and we let our cats out all the time. The fleas keep biting me but they stay away from my boyfriend. Some suggest it’s cos he’s a vegetarian. I don’t eat any vegetables. Right now we’re in a tight spot with money. So we don’t have enough to get rid of the fleas on the cats, and outside, and inside, etc. So I was wondering if there is a temporary solution to alleviate some of the biting and itching?


  1. G. M.

    i understand tight on money, you buy cat feed?
    get rid of cats
    use cat feed money to get rid of flees

  2. Daniel H

    Kill the fleas,no other way.GET some flea collars they don’t cost too much and flea spray for the house when you can.I always fog the house when i have gotten them.You have to do it twice once about 90 days after the first time but it won’t do any good until the cats have flea collars or the drops.

  3. Raven

    Insects that suck blood tend to like blood with high potassium and cholesterol in it. I suggest not to eat too much food with potassium and cholesterol to lower the count in your blood. Also, stay away from flowered and sweet scents, because that attracts them too. Hope this helps.

  4. starfish

    not really you just need to treat the cats. that happened to me it wasreally annoing! they might be attracted to your blood type and not yourboyfriends

  5. clowmy

    There no tight spot with money,When its about animals…Did you know fleas are the cause of animals getting tape worms?? This is true,They swallow the flea and thats how a tape worm is born… You need to treat your house with a flea bomb,Go to a pet store and follow the direction on the bomb,Make sure your cats and all of you are out of the house…I think it takes 2 hrs. to complete the job…And them get something from the pet store to treat your cats,Make sure it states it kills fleas and their eggs…Really,If you have pets you need to take care of them in need… Try and have a nice evening…

  6. ThereseR

    First of all, keep the cats inside. It is a known fact that they are healthier and safer indoors. This would solve the flea problem. You should be able to afford some flea shampoo from WalMart and they also carry smoke bombs. You will have to close all your windows and get you and the cats out for a couple of hours till they are done working. You might have to give it another treatment a couple of days later to kill any eggs that have hatched. As for them biting you, I would suggest eating some garlic or taking garlic supplements. The garlic gives off a scent thru your pores. Try searching the internet for other remedies. But keep the cats indoors from now on after you’ve bathed them and gotten rid of the fleas in the house. These are the cheapest treatments you can do.

  7. Linnie

    sorry! you will need to treat pets and house and yard…..
    call pet storehttp://www.upco.com/cgi-bin/Upcol.storef…

  8. paige b

    Grow a small garden!!! Put in whatever vegetables you think you’ll enjoy. Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, somethings you like and don’t mind eating! Seeds are really cheap at any grocery store or probably even like walmart! and then you’ll have plenty of fresh veggis everyday! Good luck and I really hope this helps you!

  9. Mr. Anonymous

    If you eat brewer’s yeast, or nutritional yeast, that’s supposed to stop the fleas from biting you. I tried it, and it seems to work, but you have to be regular about injesting it, and it’s not cheap stuff. It’s sort of an acquired taste, too.
    As far as getting rid of fleas, there is a very simple, almost amazing way to catch the fleas and kill them. At night, if you put a small votive candle or a tea candle (they sell these in bags of 100 at Bed, Bath and Beyond or Ikea for like $5) in the middle of a dish filled with soapy water and light it, the fleas will be attracted to the candle, and will jump into the dish of soapy water. Make certain the water is soapy, because it is the soap that acts to pull the fleas to the bottom of the dish,where they drown. I don’t know if it’s the heat of the flame, or the light, or some gas given off by combustion that attracts the fleas, but this works amazingly well! I’ve seen upwards of 30 fleas caught in one plate. You can set one up in each room of the house to see where the area of greatest infestation is. Remember, do this at night.
    Good luck.

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