PLEASE HELP!!! The fleas are all over the house and my family and I have no idea what to do! It’s so annoying! Also, please tell me what to do with my 5 cats because they have fleas too of course! Thank you so much!


  1. TweRd

    I just copied and pasted from the website below the pics didnt show so you would have to go on the website to see them…hope this helps:
    Battle Stations
    How do I break the flea life cycle?
    It is important to treat all of your pets and your house on the same day. It is pointless to treat your house and not your pet, it is also pointless to treat you pet and not your house. This is the only way you will get total flea control.
    STEP 1 – Vacuum
    Your vacuum cleaner is your number one weapon in the war
    Your first step is to vacuum vacuum vacuum! Vacuum your entire house paying particular attention to corners, dark crevices, under furniture, under beds, pet beds, rugs and especially around skirting boards. Put the nozzle attachment on your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum around all skirting boards and edges of fixtures.
    The vibrations from vacuuming also stimulates the fleas to emerge from their cocoons and thus they will be exposed to the insecticide that will be used
    This is what you are vacuuming up even though you can’t see them:
    Fleas that are living on your cat or dog lay eggs. The eggs drop off your pet and land on your carpet or floor.
    The eggs hatch and become larvae. These little worm like creature have hair like bristles that enable them to move around. They avoid the light and move to crevices, corners, under furniture, in cracks between floor boards and along skirting boards.
    After a while the larvae pupate. This means that they spin a cocoon around themselves and begin a change. In the cocoon they are changing into adult fleas. It is just like a caterpillar which spins a cocoon and then emerges as a butterfly.
    The more of the pupae you vacuum up the better the outcome. The cocoon surrounding the developing flea is water tight and impervious to insecticides.
    When you have finished vacuuming dispose of the vacuum bag completely if you have disposable bags in your vacuum cleaner.
    STEP 2 – Spray Insecticide
    Flea Treatment For your House & Yard
    The products shown here are for illustration purposes only.
    When choosing an insecticide read the labels of flea sprays, bombs and foggers and look for the ingredient IGR (Insect Growth Regulator)
    Spray all carpets, rugs, floors and places your pet sleeps with a flea surface spray, flea bomb or fogger that kills flea eggs, larvae and emerging adult fleas. Check the label of sprays for active ingredients. Use one that contains IGR. Make sure you get into every nook and cranny and pay special attention around skirting boards and under rugs and furniture.
    What is IGR?
    IGR is short for Insect Growth Regulator. IGR is Birth Control for Fleas. This protein works on the developing flea eggs and larvae and stops fleas from developing to maturity so they cannot lay eggs.
    Flea bombs and flea foggers containing IGR are very effective at killing fleas but the insecticide does not always reach under beds, furniture and rugs. Flea bombs and foggers are designed to be let off in the middle of a room. Be sure to move what furniture you can so as to enable the spray to penetrate carpets and flooring beneath.
    Precor 2000 Plus is a hand held flea fogger. It has both a knockdown agent and a long lasting insect growth regulator. The fog can be directed under furniture and appliances.
    Follow the instructions that come with the flea spray, flea bomb or fogger and remember to remove all fish, reptiles and other living creatures from the room.
    After spraying the insecticide try not to vacuum for about a week if possible as the IGR component will have a residual effect.
    Read This – Very Important
    It is important to note that while the fleas are in the pupae stage (in their cocoons) they are not affected by insecticides. The cocoons are watertight and protect the developing flea. This is why you may think you have killed all the fleas and larvae in your home but two weeks later a new flea infestation can occur.
    Don’t Forget about your Yard and Garden
    Do fleas live in the yard?
    Yes, you must also tackle your yard and garden. There is no need to purchase special yard spray as you can use the same spray that you sprayed your house with. Spray around where the pet sleeps, in crevices, gravel and sandy areas. If you live in a high set house you will need to spray under the house. Spray patios, verandahs, kennels and nooks and crannies. The majority of the yard which is in sunlight should be OK as the larvae tend to avoid bright places.
    You can also let off flea bombs or flea foggers under your house on a windless day.
    Next wash all of your pets bedding and soft toys. Shake them well and hang them in the sunlight to dry
    Home Remedy to kill fleas?
    You may not like using insecticides and chemicals around your house but a home remedy to kill fleas will not work. You will have to use an insecticide and more importantly you should use an insecticide containing IGR. Once you have broken the flea life cycle you will not have to spray on a regular basis. Once the fleas have gone you can put the insecticides away for ever.
    STEP 3 – Treat your pets
    How do I get rid of fleas on my cat or dog? Which flea products do I use on my pet?
    The older generation of flea control products (Flea powders, flea collars and dips) are now completely obsolete. The latest treatments are top-spots, which are much safer for both pets and humans. These are applied to the skin, usually between the shoulder blades and the chemicals disperse through the skin’s oils. Some of the top spot products available are Advantage, Frontline and Revolution.
    You may think that top spot treatments are expensive but I have found it false economy to use anything else. Most of the top spot products advise that you use them monthly but I have found that once you have broken the flea cycle in your home you will be able to use them less often. I rarely have the need to use them more than once or twice a year. Of course keep in mind that a visiting pet or a neighbour’s cat in your yard can start the cycle all over again.
    How can fleas harm my cat or dog?
    Fleas feed on your pet’s blood and make your cat uncomfortable A heavy infestation can cause it to become anaemic and unwell. Flea infestations have been known to kill kittens. Some individual animals are allergic to flea saliva and this causes the pet abject misery with constant scratching and self mutilation. The most common allergy dermatitis in cats and dogs is a flea allergy. Fleas also spread tapeworm from one animal to another.
    I would advise that you have a chat to your vet or vet nurse about which flea product is most suitable for your pet.
    Two weeks later and the fleas are back!!!
    Expect to see a few new fleas emerging for up to two weeks. These will be the fleas that were in the pupal stage during treatment.
    Remember that while the fleas are in the pupae stage (in their cocoons) they are not affected by insecticides. The cocoons are watertight and protect the developing flea. This is why you may think you have killed all the fleas and larvae in your home but a week or two later you are still seeing adult fleas.
    Continue vacuuming regularly after the initial treatment.
    You may have to repeat the treatment of house and pets again after a couple of weeks if you are still seeing large numbers of fleas, especially if the initial infestation was particularly heavy. Remember, you can get rid of fleas forever!
    Once you have treated your pets and house for fleas try not to let them come in contact with other animals that are infested. Politely ask visitors not to bring their pets to your house as one visit by a flea infested dog or cat can start the flea cycle all over again.
    For maintenance… Watch your cat or dog for tell tale scratching and re-apply the top spot if you see even a single flea. Don’t delay as fleas multiply very quickly. Vacuum thoroughly any area your pet goes. Wash bedding and toys often.

  2. mystique

    Fleas are relatively simple to get rid of but very time consuming.
    First you need to fog your house, removing your cats for at least 4 hours as this is very, very dangerous for them.
    Take them to the vet to get Frontline or any medications like it – not expensive. It is designed to be used once a month, so don’t forget.
    Then you must vacuum everywhere, and wash all the bedding and anything else they may have slept on or touched.
    This should do it.
    Take care of your little darlings as fleas are dangerous little parasites.
    Good luck.

  3. Jill Pawze

    You need to treat all your pets with Frontline Advantage flea treatment. Within 24 hours all fleas on the cats will be dead and within the next few hours fleas aroudn the house will start to die because dander will fall off of your cats, as well as the dead fleas and the living fleas will eat and eat the poison. Also the flea treatment remains on the cat for a full month so any living fleas that don’t die, that try to jump back on your cats will be dead within a few hours .
    Basically you’re going to have to get rid of all bedding that your cats have used. VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM.
    When you’re done vacuuming THROW OUT the bag. Any living fleas sucked up will try to jump back out and many succeed.
    Wash bedding, wash clothes, dust everything, move couches and all the furniture since cats tend to go in dark quiet tight spaces, and fleas and their eggs are most likely present there.
    My kitten had fleas and we spent a good few days moving everything and scrubbing every little nook and cranny down, and we also used a flea insecticide for furniture that I bought at a Petco. We sprayed the couches down, all the rugs, the pillows, etc. Except the thing here is that it’s poisonous. We had to lock all the items sprayed with insecticide in a bathroom with the fan on for a good 24 hours.
    Good luck with this, since they have infested your entire house you may need to do an entire fumigation of your house.

  4. colorado

    I have never had fleas in my house and on my animals but I have some family friends who invited one of their extended family members to stay with them for a while. What they did not know was that this person brought fleas with her. They were on her, her clothes, and in my family friends’ house (after she came to stay with them). The woman of the house told me she had to bomb the house in order to get rid of the fleas. To get rid of the fleas on your animals, you should take them to the veterinarian to get a flea bath done.

  5. Johnna B

    there is this thing you plug in your wall called the riddex so you plug it in and the fleas die and also other pests will go away too
    for your cat problems get aflea collar if their old enough!!!

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