We have a lot of cats in our house! (about 20) How do I get rid of the fleas in a safe way? We have wooden floors. We have tried bombs, borax and salt, and sprayed poison!


  1. Dog Mama

    Have you ever heard of FRONTLINE? Get this from your vet. If you are going to have so many cats, you need to get a handle on it, or your home will continue to be infested over and over again. Frontline kills fleas on your pets for 3 months, so application only every 4th month. Also have you tried flea collars, althought I hear they don’t work that well.
    Good Luck

  2. Carpet Shark Luver

    All of the above, (except shaving, lol), and make sure you do it again in a week, because the eggs will hatch, and you’ll be infested again. And if you let them outside, that is probably your main problem. You will have to do this periodically.

  3. peaches

    I would take all the cats and have them flea bathed at a vet and then have a professional come in at get rid of the fleas. When the cats come home confine them to one area and keep them clean and flea protected.

  4. somber_p

    the problem is that you have too many cats.
    better get rid of some before your neighbors report you to the SPCA.
    Until you’re down to three or five at the most. Then its time to either bomb the house, or consult a Pest Controller to have it done right the first time. Otherwise the flea problem will never end,…. NEVER.

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