My roomate has a dog were giving away and she useto sleep in the back porch and she brought in alot of fleas to there now we have moved the dog to the other side of the house and pressure washed the whole back porch and even painted it and now the fleas are back in the porch. Would I have to treat the yard? And when the dogs gone what can i do to get rid of any other fleas around the house?


  1. Tiffany E

    I had the same problem! First fog it then you need to leave your house for 24 hours. go to a friends or something. leave off the air cond. and take your blankets and clothes if you wish and put them into plastic bags. you need to do this on the hottest day of the week and the heat will kill them. also change your vacuum bags it is like a breeding ground for them in there. if you want further info call a good vet in the area they can give the best tips and info.

  2. velaOK

    Diatomaceous earth works. I moved into a new house that had old hardwood floors in which the spaces between the boards were rather wide, fleas seemed to be literally jumping out of those spaces, we sprinkled “DE” on the floor, swept it in and within a week, we were flea free. Of course vacuuming and emptying the vacuum bag regularly helped. The link below is a good one…

  3. kincaid1

    You can buy diatomaceous earth at any flower store. You lightly dust it where the fleas are and it will basically tear them open and dehydrate them. It is not toxic and safe to even sprinkle where the dogs lay. You would need to reapply it outside when it rains though.

  4. Kristina

    If you wash your dog with a all natural citrus shampoo about every ten day and keep him on a good flea prevention like advantage it should help alot.

  5. Sabrina P

    Fleas hate salt. Sprinkle regular salt, like you eat, everywhere and they will go away. Good luck.

  6. ckstunne

    Umm…Spray bug spray and try putting a couple of roach traps down, Almost all things go for what roaches go for

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