I just got a new Lab and Catahoula mixed puppy 7 weeks old. I bathed him with a flea shampoo for puppies yesterday and today I washed him with dawn because some people said it would help. He still has fleas and is miserable. I rescued him because his previous owner was going to shoot him :/ I cant stand to see him suffer and scratch all night long. His little sister has fleas as well so we’re trying to keep them apart untill their both clean. Can someone please help me?


  1. Daniel is due 27/3/09

    you cant use front line or advantage as they are to young all you can do is keep bathing them then when they become old enough you can use front line or advantage on them

  2. Katie

    Go to your vet and get either some advantage or Frontline Plus for his and her size to kill the fleas. The fronline you can actually bathe during the month you use it and I like it best. Did you also treat the areas you’re keeping them in at the same time you gave them baths? That is another VERY important step. Dawn is the mildest shampoo you can use on a pup this age but also use a conditioner as it strips the hair of oil.

  3. StormBeau Cockers

    Dawn dish liquid was one of my choices. You can also use baby oil & wash off with Dawn. Or Avon Skin-So-Soft, this product works really well, even for people. Go easy on the flea soaps because they are so young. Just stay on top of it everyday.

  4. mickie

    flea comb and sticky tape..
    wash ALL dog bedding and toys…
    vacumm and keep lawn cut short…

  5. Heavy Metal DVDs

    i would first get them checked out by a vet, because i’m guessing they were outside a lot and may have gotten into things. Then get them dropps for fleas. but the best thing is a flea baths but i dont know if their too yound ask the vet.

  6. *~*~tuba

    Yup, people say Dawn works. Now you’ve found out it doesn’t! Please tell others! Flea shampoos also don’t work, neither do collars or anything from pet stores.
    OK – you need to pop in to a vets. They can give you some flea treatment that actually works. Spot-ons like Frontline, Advantage and Revolution can be used from 8 weeks of age – since your pups are younger, it’ll be Frontline spray for them. It works and is safe, even for puppies from 2 days of age – go get some!

  7. Chalice

    Use dawn dish soap, get the pup wet with warm water and squirt a good amount on him, start at head and work the lather towards his rump. By starting the shampoo at his head the fleas wont run into his ears to hide. Wash his face carefully, DO NOT GET IN EYES!!! You’ll see dead fleas immediately, Rince you pup well..you would want dish soap left on you.
    But if your puppy has fleas so does your house…fleas lay eggs in the carpet. You can buy flea powder for carpets and follow the directions!!
    You will have to repeate the process a few times.
    Good Luck!! I HATE Fleassssssss….

  8. Misty

    If your dog is 7 weeks then you should be able to go to the vet and get some advantage. My pup just turned 8 weeks old today and last week when we had him at the vet they gave us a small thing of advantage. It’s for puppies 7weeks and under 10 lbs. We were told that if we wanted to use frontline then we’d have to wait until he was 8 weeks, but we didn’t see the point in letting the lil’ guy suffer any longer so we took the advantage. Also, there is no point in treating your dog unless your going to treat your home as well. It would be pointless because the poor thing would just keep getting them back. As for bathing your dog, We were told by the vet that we shouldn’t use Hartz or Sergants shampoo because he is so young and it could make him sick. We went to Wal-mart earlier today hoping that we could find a different kind of puppy shampoo for him, but they all said ” Do not use on puppys under 12weeks” Well one that we found was “Do not use on puppys under 6 months of age”. I’ve heard of using Dawn dish liquid, but I really wouldn’t. Not all “home remedies” work. Besides why take the chance in hurting your puppy, just because some stranger says that it’s ok, does not make it true. The best thing you could do is talk to your vet. The sooner the better because it’ll also need to be wormed and get shots. The way I see it is animals are like kids, you wouldn’t take the chance with your child so why do it to your animal? Get him to a Vet asap!!!

  9. Holly

    ADAMS Flea & Tick Shampoo ALWAYS works to kill fleas. It is not recommended on puppies under 12 weeks of age. I would still use a small amount of this to kill the fleas but first check to make sure the fleas have not caused irritation to the skin. If the skin is already irritated then DO NOT use on the puppy because it would irritate the skin more.

    Also use Johnson’s Baby Shampoo after so it soothes the skin, and make sure you rinse well. The baby shampoo should help the skin & kill fleas at the same time.

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