We just adopted him yesterday and he is full of fleas! Is he too young for some kind of treatment? Thanks!


  1. Painter's Polka Dots

    Buy a bottle of liquid ivory dish soap, original scent.
    bathe the kitten in warm water, lather him up with the liquid ivory, and let it sit for 3 full minutes before rinsing.
    Then be sure to pick all the dead fles out of his fur, or he will eat them grooming himself and get tape worms.
    If after 3 minutes and a rinse there are still crawling fleas, repeat the soak.
    My vet says that bathing in ivory is safe for even newborn kittens and puppies.

  2. deltadaw

    Yes, (even too yound to have left mom).
    At his age you can only bath him.
    Use a mild baby shampoo or dish detergent and when you suds him up,.. leave on for at least 5 or more mins.
    The soap WILL kill the fleas. Then warm rinse.
    But be sure to clean vacuum areas of house he’s been in.

  3. Momma Kitty

    Fleas Yuk!!!
    I have a kitty rescue here and fleas are a huge problem at first, one year frontline worked, this year it did not work, so i switched to Advantage, on young kittens I have used Adams flea and tick for years now, it works to kill what is on them immediately, they also have a new 3 month product out that also works. It does not harm the kittens I have used this on kittens as young as 3 weeks old, but please consult your vet.
    A very safe way is using Dawn dish soap, for some reason the fleas do not like this stuff. Be careful not to get water or soap near the mouth as it can get into the kittens lungs and that’s not good.

  4. luckyone

    I adopted a feral cat and it was eat up! Put him in the kitchen sink and gave him a good bath. Can’t remember for sure but I don’t think I used a shampoo. Just the water to get them off. You need to check with vet to see when you can use flea powder or Frontline. Until then, get some Tea Tree Oil (preferablly water based), mix a cup of water with four or five drops of TT oil and spray it on or rub it on. Fleas hate that crap.
    He is not going to like the bath but you are bigger than him. Good luck.

  5. Chalice

    He’s too young for any of the poisons you buy in stores, but a vet can provide you with an effective, safe treatment – probably Frontline spray because it can be used on kittens and puppies from 2 days of age, and it works excellently.
    Stay away from all store-bought products even when kitty is grown up; the majority don’t work, and many have a history of causing deaths, especially in cats.
    EDIT: Don’t waste your time bathing him either – Dawn Dish soap only washes fleas off. New ones will just hop right back on once kitty is dry. You should really spray your house as well, as this is where 95% of the fleas are living.

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