I have rental property. When the tenants moved out they left the fleas behind. I cannot even enter the home without severe attacks. What is the quickest way to win the war of the fleas?



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    It’s hard when you are the landlord of a property and the tenants leave undesired creatures behind.
    The bad news is there is no quick way to get rid of them. You spray the first week to get rid of the live one, then the second week to rid of the newly hatched ones. It may even require a third spraying.
    From now on, require the tenants to show you proof that their pets are being treated with a flea treatment such as “Advantage”.
    It is not necessary to ban pets completely. Just insist that the owners show you proof that the pets are under the regular care of a vet. They should have no problem presenting proof. I allow my tenants pets all the time with no problem.
    p.s. I also have a regular spray service who goes around the outside every other month, and there is a statement in the tenant agreement that they must sign to allow this. The service is also on call whenever the tenant wants an inside spray.

  2. tmc

    20 Mule Team Borax sprinkled on the carpets, you kind of sweep it down into the carpet with a broom, leave it for maybe an hour and vacuum it up – It may take a couple of applications, but its easy. This always helped me, along with “Advantage” or “Frontline” on my animals.

  3. Sandy

    Check your lease, ask your landlord RE: exterminating, after all it’s their property. Ask them to pay for the carpet cleaning, my landlord does.

  4. norman77

    The BEST…… ONLY way to really rid the HOUSE of fleas is to treat the dog/cat first… then call in a specialist to fumigate the house completely. I have tried other treatments to include aerosol bombs, etc and they JUST DO NOT WORK. It may cost a little but that is the only way… call in a fumigator.

  5. knicksch

    you can either have them sprayed, or you can buy traps from the hardware store that will trap them.

  6. Surfer_G

    Flea bombs, available at your local hardware stores, are the best thing I’ve found — outside of a professional service like “Flea Busters.”

  7. two of Pentacles

    Get rid of the carpet. I know it’s expensive but the fleas lay eggs in the carpet and then the eggs hatch. Or have the carpet professionally cleaned and then professionally clean again in 7 days. That is the flea life cycle. Foggers work some what but are very toxic. Getting rid of the carpet is the easiest.

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