1. Debbie M

    I totally agree with Great Dane Lady…..
    Use Twenty Mule Team Laundry Detergent…..That’s all you will need to use….Of Course you will want to check your animals everyday for fleas with a flea comb and bathe them….You will eventually get rid of them……And it is safe…what I do is sprinkle it over the carpets and leave it over night…Then vacuum it up…then I repeat the process for a few more days….just depends on how infected your home is…
    I also sprinkle it in my yard….I happen to have a pen where I let my little toy rat terrier use to do her business…and it keeps the fleas out of there as well….I do that on a regular bases
    Hang in there you’ll get rid of them…
    hope this was helpful

  2. sandraro

    I had the same problem in our old house. I bought some flea powder for carpets, sprinkle it on all over the carpet, under furniture too if possible, and get some spray for any upolstered furniture, go to town or something to get the kiddos off the carpet, leave it on for an hour or two, or even overnight. Then before the kiddos get on the floor, vaccuum it very VERY thouroughly,
    You may have to repeat in three days, to get the eggs freshly hatched,
    Good luck

  3. A Great Dane Lady

    Twenty Mule Team Borax is your answer. Vacuum the carpet and then sprinkle the Borax on the carpet. The Borax will kill the fleas and as the eggs hatch, it’ll kill them too. You’ll need to keep repeating this for about 3 weeks.

  4. Meditation for beginners

    I used a spray from the vet swept really good (throw the bag away) then scrubbed the carpet.
    Had to redo it after 4 weeks.
    Allot of work but seems to have done the job.
    A friend used moth balls I couldn’t stand the smell
    Maybe check with your vet they might be able to suggest something with less chemicals.
    I treat the dogs monthly now does the job
    Good Luck

  5. luckiedu

    Without chemicals, the only thing I can think of is to get rid of the carpet and bathe the dogs.

  6. Chalice

    You only need to use one type of chemical, and that’s one for the dogs. You need to treat the house, but if you don’t like chemicals there’s a new spray out called Skoosh, it’s pesticide free. Best of all it kills flea eggs and larvae as well as adult fleas, one of the few sprays that does. It does it by coating all fleas and eggs in silicone, suffocating them. Ask a vet to order it in for you if you can’t find one that stocks it.
    What did you treat the dogs with? It’s important to get the right flea treatment, and you can’t find these in a store, it has to be something from a vets.

  7. Margasta

    A Flea Bomb. You get one, place it in the infested area, close doors to rooms you don’t want it to go to. Leave the house for a couple of hours. Put the dogs outside. Come home, open windows (there is no smell but open windows anyway) and vaccuum and that’s it. Sometimes you may need to have more than 1 go, but I’ve done it and it fixed the problem. I got my bombs from the pet store. They kill any other crawlies you might have as well.

  8. Deborah

    Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!! Be sure to use a good quality flea treatment like Revolution or Frontline. You may also consider treating your yard as well.

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