A stray cat used my garage to raise a litter of kittens, how do I get rid of the fleas. The cats left, but the fleas stayed.


  1. crazy_da

    hey hun….i go to a feed store and get something called 7 dust…be sure and tell the person who waits on you what kind you wont as there are several diff. kinds….there are some that are for out door use only and there are some that are safe to be used around kids and pets…good luck gettin’ rid of those ankle biters…love daisy

  2. brenda e

    Of course you can use insect bombs…make sure they kill the larvae as well to prevent new hatchlings…salt can also be sprinkled heavily…and left for several days before cleaning up. You can also make a flea trap …place a lamp ( no shade) in the floor and place a plate, pie pan etc. that sort of dish filled with water and a squirt of Palmolive dish soap. The fleas jump toward the light and fall in the water the dishsoap kills them…You can also use pancake syrup instead of the water mixture and they get stuck and die…this doesn’t take care of the unhatched larvae though.

  3. Bowllynn

    Well, you removed the food source for your fleas – the cats. You know are the food source. Purchase one of those “flea bombs” to kill the fleas. Try a pet store or your local veterinarian.

  4. MrChili

    Generously sprinkle pickling salt all over the garage floor. Leave it for three days then sweep away. Fleas should be gone.

  5. firestar

    Most over the counter pesticides would work. There are those that utilize natural plant oils.

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