the fleas came in from the stray cats outside ,i’ve tried vacuuming twice ,they’re still not gone?!?!


  1. Natasha

    Getting rid of fleas is really difficult, I know by experience, here it is what you can do:
    1. Put a flea collar for cats or dogs inside your Vacuum and keep vacuuming everyday. This will help kill the fleas that are inside the vacuum. It is important to do this because when people throw out the dirt outside in the trash the fleas come back to your lawn or house.
    2. Fumigate the inside and outside of your house. If you have an infant fumigate all the corners with a non-odor spray.
    3. Flea collars are good if the problem is very simple, but i really don’t recommend them unless it is a special one that only veterinarian have and cost $20. The best thing for fleas are dips, this is a strong liquid that you mix with water and pour it on your cats. Also injections for fleas are extremely good but it cost $50 and its only once a month (I do this with my dog so I don’t know if you can do this to cats). Even if the cats are not yours this will help you eliminate the fleas more quikly
    You have to be very consistent for this to work. You get distracted for even one week and fleas will keep growing and becoming a bigger problem. Doing all this I eliminated the flea and tick problem I had so I hope this work for you. If the problen is big call a professional and Good luck!

  2. Winters child

    I took in a rug that had fleas in it (i think it came from this source)…and, for three years I had fleas every year…and, My cats (3) do not go outside…
    what I figured out is the source of the problem, the fleas were living underneath my refridgerator,,i realized this when i had it moved (because i purchased a new one)…I couldnt believe the amount of cat fur etc..perfect conditions for fleas.
    now I vacuum, everyday, (if i can)…i use a flea comb on my cats at least 2 times a week, i do not leave my sliders open (fleas can jump threw screen)…i spray the areas that use to have fleas with lemongrass oil spray (u can get this at your natural food store)..
    those bombs can kill you and, cause nerve damage in your children I wouldnt use them..
    the other thing that you can do…is take all your plants out of the house, and, family, kids, pets…and turn the temp to 90f..all day long…(the fleas cannot live in this heat it will kill them)…but then after wards, you will have to follow above instructions..
    best of luck

  3. justanot

    you’ll have to “BOMB” it, or have an exterminator “BOMB” it, either way you’ll have to leave the house for a day, YOU CAN’T HAVE FLEA’S around an Infant and toddler, if child protective services ever found out, they would yank the kids away from you, BOMB IT NOW !

  4. Sean M

    you might want to call a pest control place, they are usually pretty good about killing whatever is already inside and preventing other bugs that are outside from getting in

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