I have 3 dogs and all of em have fleas…. and the fleas are raiding our house! i cant lay in my bed without getting attacked by them. is there any way i can get rid of them off of my dogs and out of my house?



  1. lovestol

    Flea bombs work great. You might need 2 or 3, depending on how big your house is. Just make sure you cover up food and remove animals and people from the house for several hours.
    There are many products for animal flea removal; you might want to check with your vet to see what he recommends.

  2. ♥Jill♥

    48hr. solution
    1) Take all dog bedding and yours and put in separate trash bags. Pillows everything.
    2) Wash dogs
    3) Treat dogs when there completely dry. I use Advantage.
    4) Spray mattress and dog areas with flea spray.
    5) After 24hrs. wash all linens and dog bedding, again separately.
    6) Keep up with the treatments monthly
    7) Happy flea free dogs.

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