My dog brought fleas into the house (which is now being taken care of, Advantix among other things.) but our pet rats now have fleas. Not mites, I have seen the fleas on them and they are scratching a lot.
Anyone know of a rodent safe flea shampoo? or remedy?



  1. presouzK

    I did it for about 10 years when I had indoor outdoor kitties, now only indoor, so no need any more but it was a life savor!!
    How I got rid of fleas and bugs from my home
    You will need to purchase a simple bug/fly zapper; the type you use on a patio to kill flying insects. You can buy a small one that will cover a large area of your house at most home improvement stores for as little as 20.00-30.00 dollars. For faster results you can use one bug zapper for each room. However the fleas do gravitate to the bug zapper’s light once night sets in and all the lights in your house are out. So one should work for a small home, just make sure to place it in the room where the most fleas are seen or felt. Place the zapper on the floor in a corner behind a piece of furniture so kids and pets won’t play with or bother it. Set it on a plate or pie tin for easy cleaning up of the zapped bugs, you will be killing all bugs in your home as well, and then plug it in. Remember, it is a piece of electrical equipment. You have to use caution in where you put it. At night the fleas automatically want to go to a light, when they hop in to the bug zapper light they get fried! You can actually hear little, zits, zits when the fleas are getting zapped! All GONE! Keep the carpet vacuumed daily until your flea problem is under control, this will help tremendously in getting the fleas eggs out of your home and carpet faster!! I am not responsible for misuse of the above item. Use full caution in placing your bug zapper to the safest place. It will work for months, even years; it will continue to kill bugs in your home as long as the light is on. The bulb can be replaced once it burns out. The light bulb can be purchased at most home improvement stores.…

  2. miniaxwi

    I called a vet on the phone when my rat had fleas and he told me to take (whatever kind of drops I was using at the time) my cat’s flea drops (before I apply it to my cat) and just use one drop on my rat right on the nape of the neck, each month.It worked.He said don’t use a shampoo.Its not good for them.

  3. Law L

    You can get various drop ons-
    Find them in your local pet stores or online.

  4. Ali

    i use flea/mite shampoo you mix with watre and apply like a shampoo you use on your hair i get it from my pet shop
    you just give them a bath

  5. darkange

    promectin or ivermectin from the vet should do the trick. The oral stuff works a whole lot better than the topical stuff.

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