My dog had fleas. We got them off of her but now they all over the house and is now on the dog again. We gave her a bath and their were tons of fleas on her. The vet people said that we must have fleas in our house. How do you get rid of them? Also, if you have any suggestions of getting rid of them in the backyard.
Thanks for all of your help in advance!


  1. sillybut

    Home flea treatment is a pain in the a$$! You have 2 options – bombing the house. (Using a fogger). You can purchase them in the grocery store or at home depot. The instructions are on the box. Or you can call a pest exterminator.
    To rid them in your yard try this:
    Flea Treatment of Yards:
    Flea eggs fall off in areas of the yard where pets spend time. Fleas can reproduce in areas that are warm and moist throughout the day, so if you are treating your yard for fleas, focus on those areas that stay moist and warm and around the doors of the house.
    * Remove dead plants and excess brush from your yard, since they harbor critters and parasites.
    * There are chemical-based yard sprays made specifically for yard treatment, as well as companies that apply such products. Commercial treatments include Archer and FleaFix. You can obtain more information by doing a web search.
    * If you plan to use a commercial product, first read the label to make sure it?s safe for use around pets.
    Do-it-yourself approaches that can help you save money and avoid chemicals:
    * Spread beneficial nematodes in affected areas of the yard to naturally control fleas. These worms help eliminate fleas by feeding on flea larva. They are nontoxic, harmless to humans and pets, and even help control other nuisance insects. You can get them through some veterinarians and from several internet-based companies.
    * Other alternative bug repellents can be found on the internet. They include BugBand products that use all-natural Geraniol instead of DEET to repel mosquitoes, fire ants, flies, gnats, ticks and lice. For details, visit You can find details about NaturVet herbal flea repellent at .
    * Ivory Liquid Soap approach: Rather than poisoning fleas, Ivory reportedly suffocates fleas, gnats and other bugs. To spray Ivory in your yard, use a garden sprayer attachment such as the one made by Ortho Sprayer. Fill it with Ivory and set the dilution dial to 2 tablespoons. Saturate the area, then let it dry before allowing your dog or anyone else walk on the treated ground. Using this method, people treat their yards every 4 to 6 weeks.
    * Homemade solution to repel insects from from Hints from Heloise: Make a solution of 1/2-cup of liquid dishwashing soap, 2 tablespoons of ammonia, and 5 to 7 cups of water. Use a bottle spray attachment to apply the solution.
    * Outdoor/indoor bugzapper alternative: Pour some water in a white dinner plate and add a few drops of Lemon Fresh Joy dish detergent. Set the dish on your porch, patio or other area. Mosquitoes reportedly flock to the dish and then die at or within a few feet of the dish, soon after drinking the mixture. Joy was the specified detergent, but other brands can work.
    * A fairly safe way to keep mosquitoes away is to spray your yard once a week with Simple Green, which is available at home and garden stores
    To keep them off your dog:
    Use frontline, advantix or advantage puchased through Petmeds or at your vet. Or try Dietary additions for boosting immunity and repelling bugs:
    ** A half teaspoon of nutritional brewer?s yeast daily can provide the B complex vitamins a dog needs. Dr. Michael Fox has recommended brewer’s yeast or nutritional yeast (but not baker’s yeast), giving 1 teaspoon per 30 pounds of body weight mixed with the animal’s food.
    ** B complex vitamins ? 50 mg once a day for cats and smaller dogs, and twice daily for larger dogs.
    ** Use Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid supplements.
    ** Add a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to the dog?s water bowl.
    ** Add .a teaspoon each of safflower oil and powdered kelp or seaweed to the food bowl.
    ** Fresh garlic in small quantities can help repel fleas by making the animal taste unpleasant to fleas. Grate a small amount of fresh, raw garlic into your pet?s food at mealtime, about one-half to 3 chambers of the clove (chamber, not a whole clove) depending on the animal?s size. One vet recommends one crushed clove of garlic (not a whole bulb; a clove is just one chamber) per every 30 pounds. Some holistic health practitioners recommend heating the garlic for easier digestion, and to not to give them garlic every day.

  2. karasbea


  3. Jessica W

    you should give the dog some flea meds and set of one of thoes bombs that kill all the bugs in your house

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    You have to treat your house and yard when you treat your dog. My suggestion (as I had a rental property with this problem) is to call a professional in to spray your house. It is guaranteed. Treat your yard the same day as your house. There are many products you can get at Lowes that will work on your yard. You will not be able to reapply advantage on your dog if she just had it put on. You can however flea bath her. Take her to a groomer or your vet while they are spraying your home and have her bathed good. If they will dip her let them. This is the best thing to get rid of them. Apply a topical medication for fleas to your dog monthly to keep reoccurence from happening. I forgot to mention bombs will only kill the live fleas. However in seven days when their eggs hatch you will again have a flea infestation. You will again be in the same boat you are in now.

  5. april w

    well the best thing is this. of course it sounds stupid, but it works! well u have to have boxy laundry powder, and then spread it all over your house(including your dog’s favorite places) and then wait 6 hours and then vaccuum it up. of course u have to leave the house for a little. even your dog has to stay away from it. then vaccuum it up! worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. pm

    Calling in an exterminator would probably be your most effective course of action. A cheaper route would be to buy some foggers and bomb the house but it won’t be as effective. It’s going to take time to get the problem under control. Be persistent and good luck.

  7. in deguise

    if you have a pet take him to the vet to get him professionally clean and while your animal is out but some raid for fleas and spray it on the ground about three times a week.
    if you don’t have a pet sprinkle boric acid on the floor and vacuum it up. i got this tip from a friend. but you can’t have a pet for this, because animals might get sick from it.
    if that does not work you can bomb your house with raid bombs or hire a professional to get rid of your infestation.

  8. LaCasita

    1. Hire an exterminator as suggested already.
    2. Buy some insect bombs and bomb the entire house.
    3. Buy some Borax Twenty-Mule Team Laundry Booster and sprinkle it on carpets and pet bedding and then vacuum it up. It’s safe for pets and small children. You’ll have to repeat in a few weeks (as in any treatment) to make sure you get all the stages.
    Then get a lawn sprayer attachment and fill it with chlorine bleach. Spray your yard with a 10/1 dilution of bleachwater. It will kill the fleas outside and keep them from re-entering your home on the dog.

  9. Lish

    You can try a bug bomb for the house, but if there is a lot of them. You need to get an exterminator. I had to have one come twice because the house I moved in to had so many. For outside you can go to any store and buy a bag that will get rid of them. I use Seven’s that kills fleas, ticks, and ants. You put it on your lawn than water it. Also make sure you get something like advance for K-9’s (you can buy it at any pet store it’s cheaper than through your vet) You put it on your pet once a month to kill fleas and their eggs. Mine kills the fleas, ticks, and mosquito’s.

  10. lsutiger

    Well, their is always some Flea Sprays and Shampoos available at a Wal- Mart near you. That’s what we did. There is shampoo and a spray that really works. We sprayed it on Annie the other day, and I haven’t seen fleas on her since then. When you come over i’ll show you. It works believe me!!!

  11. rua_88

    to keep them off of her use frontline .. i had this problem last year… once the fronline is on her she should be good to go… as for your house i would vacuum as much as you can and I’m pretty sure they sell stuff at walmart or pet stores you put the stuff on the carpet let it sit for a little then vacuum again… also if it is really bad you may have to call an exterminator
    Good luck

  12. dragonwo

    i have always give garlic powder or cooked up cloves to mine in flea season. but for problems in the house try cutting up a flea collar and putting in ur sweeper. keep ur grass cut short as it seem long grass is an attraction for them. and i have used boiled water with garlic cloves and sprayed in in a friends yard it stopped her problem as far as chemicals i don’t know cause i don’t use them they are harmful to well every thing

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