i have two cats and two dogs. after looking after another dog who had fleas, my four got them. i treated all of them with a treatment dropped onto their skin. but, there is still evidence of fleas after a second treatment and the odd flea in the carpets! how do i get rid of them in the house without using harmful pesticides? is there a natural remedy? i have two very small children and don’t wish to expose them to pesticides in the carpet that they play on (nor do i like them having fleas biting them!!).


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    use a small dish filled with soap and water and put on floor under a light at night the fleas jump to the light and die in water just empty out every day and do it again till all fleas are gone plus vaccum the floors each day and empty the bag then take it out of house and on kids use the avon skin so soft on legs fleas and bugs stay off hope this helps you good luck

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