I let my dog off his leash in front of my house. The driveway has a fenced and he managed to slip right under and ran into the streets and other peoples back yard. I have called him calmly but to no avail. I finally got a hold of him when he began to pee by a tree. How can i train him from running away and coming to me when i call his name?


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    First secure your property so he cannot get out, that’s your legal obligation.
    Call him by whistle or another sound. Not his name.
    The running happens often when a dog is not getting enough excersize, take him for an hour long walk daily if you can.
    Some obedience training is very much in order too, I’d say.

  2. Jim San Antonio

    This is a good question. One way is NOT to chase the dog. When my dog was a pup, I would walk the other way-calling(or run the other way) and this usually got her attention and she came back to me. Another way is to take him to a dog park or the woods and then during the walk, hide from the dog. This makes the dog search for you. Eventually, they learn never to let you out of their sight.

  3. allie

    This takes time and alot of patience but it is possible. Everyday take him/her outside on a leash. Have some treats handy. Let him/her wander away and then call their name. If they don’t come reel them in on the leash and give them a treat. Most likely though if they know you have a treat they will come. Once they start coming to you on the leash let them off. Then let them know you have treats and call them. When they come, reward. I did this with my dog for a year and she comes now when i call even if she’s chasing a squirrel! Eventually you won’t have to give them a treat you can just praise them. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  4. Kathy S

    I just bought a dog whistle. I wasn’t sure it worked at first (um…it is silent) but the dog responds much better than when I call for him.
    You do need to work with him. My old puppy got hit by a car when she ran from me.
    Definately don’t chase her. He’ll think it is a game.

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    Teach him to come. Also try 2 fix the fence with lattice along the bottom of it. My terrier has the same issue, we chase her down the street most often. We used lattice but she dug a hole. Try putting pepper on his nose if you see him getting out, and if he digs holes, fill the hole with water and dunk his nose in it, yelling “NO!” loudly. eventually my dog learned that “STAY RIGHT THERE, SADIE!!” means come and lay down in a submissive position at my feet. If my dog can do that, yours can too.

  6. CommonSe

    Many people will suggest the invisible fence, DO NOT use that method. First, try the sit, stay, and come training with the pup on a leash. Second, try the same method with the pup off the leash. Also block any areas the pup can crawl under the fence.

  7. sun_and_

    Either take him to a formal training class or in the house and on a long lead have him sit/stay and then walk away from him about 2-3 feet then say his name and come…reward with treat when he does. Start again and move farther back this time and the same thing his name then come. When he seems to have gotten that down pretty well and is doing it consistently move to a fenced area of your yard and try it off lead. When you feel he is ready move to the front -on lead- and try it there with distractions. It is not something that will happen overnight and may take a week or more. Chasing him is just a game to him so instead of doing that if he gets out and doesn’t come back calmly walk the other way until he sees you are not coming after him then walk back to your yard and see if he follows.

  8. drafting

    This has worked for me for 30+ yrs:
    Get a 20′-25′ horse tether leash, attach to chain link collar w/ ± 1″ wiggle room (NO SPIKED COLLARS!!!). Take dog (any age) out to large safe walking area – parking lot (no / few cars), grassy area, whatever.
    Hold the leash in your left hand, thumb thru loop, against your chest. Do not let dog jerk it away from there.
    Begin walking in any direction. Do not look / speak to the dog.
    Go farther than the leash is long. Keep leash tight against your chest, no matter tugging, pulling of dog. Stop and look at the trees, sun, clouds, anything but at the dog for a slow count of 50. Ignore all of dog’s antics (including crying, if he does that ole play on sympathy…). Keep calm, uninterested in anything dog does. Plz watch to ensure dog’s safety at all times, without watching. Use common sense – don’t let dog go down creek embankment, hang himself, etc. If you must stop while dog detangles, remember to not look at him. Just stop, then continue with your walk.
    Without looking at / speaking to dog, walk to another point. Same procedure. Ignore whining, dog pulling, dog running, dog getting caught around tree, etc. Believe me, they’ll figure it out.
    Try to go to 3 – 4 different points. Do not jerk leash – let dog’s own pulling do that.
    Then, shorten leash by gathering gently in, and go home. Do not talk, look at dog until you are within your gates, door. Then you can talk and hug, whatever.
    Continue with this procedure for at least 2 wks – try to do it at the same time each day, but not necessarily at the same place. Begin saying “come” then “good come” when dogs comes to you after ± 1 wk. Do not jerk leash.
    Shouldn’t take 2 wks before dog is looking at YOU, cocking ears back to listen for YOU, getting really close to YOU, matching your pace and direction. Even if you have to step over the dog, no talking, no looking, nada.
    It really works. Dogs heel very quickly.

  9. BigSlick

    There are many different ways. One way is a metal slip chain, however there is a right way and a wrong way to use them. They should not be used to choke your dog. They are used to pop their neck. It knocks them off balance and the metal on metal sound right by their ear gets their attention. You shouldn’t use this unless you have been trained how to use them. You can also install the underground fences that sends a signal to a shock collar. This will allow the dog to learn his boundries.

  10. Fiveohfi

    I have a nine-month old Boxer with the same problem, except she terrorizes everyone in sight. She is going to obedience school, and a great way to solve this is usig a choke collar or a prong collar. I use the prong collar only when the choke collar is ineffective. If you use a choke collar, make sure it is in the shape of a “P”, not a “9”. Use a leather leash (better grip), and stand to your dog’s right. If he is standing, pull the leash upward with your right hand, and pinch the dog’s backside(right before the tail), and push down hile doing so with your left hand. Tell him “SIT”, and if he does, praise him.
    When he learns to sit, tell him to sit, then stay, and walk in font of him. If he gets up, say a firm”NO”, and yank on the collar(not too rough). When he stays, return to his side and then praise him.
    After he learns to stay, get a couple of yummy treats in your right hand, and get him to sit, stay, walk out in front of him, and pass your hand with the treats in front of his nose. Then,start to walk backwards while oulling the leash, and stop after ten or so paces, and hold the treat up to your chest. This should cause him to sit in front of you, and when he does, reward him with a treat. This becomes fun for him, and he will associate coming to you with kisses and treats.

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