hi, i hve a 1 year old cat which was given to us a few weeks ago,we had it de-flead the day we got him, but it seems it keeps picking up fleas from some where, so what is the best preventive treatment?


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    Advantage Flea & Tick drops for cats are simply the best. We’ve never had any side effects using them.
    We have had two cats die from adverse reactions to Frontline though. I strongly urge you never to use that brand.
    For flea eggs, larvae and infestations you can try sprinkling borax (found in many grocery stores in the laundry detergent section) in and around the litterbox (where fleas like to breed) as well as anywhere your cat lays. It’s easy to vaccum up. Leave it down for at least two weeks (–fleas live for about 4-6 days so two weeks should be sufficient). The borax sucks the liquid out of flea larva, killing it.
    Dabbing jasmine oil around on your couches helps too. For some odd reason fleas do not like the scent.
    We had a major flea infestation in my new apartment thanks to the landlord not cleaning our carpets before we moved in (the people before us had a flea ridden dog). The only thing that stopped it was borax and Advantage. Even the sprays didn’t work.
    Take note that flea larvae is so tiny you may not even know your cat is infested at first. You should look for tiny black and white dots instead. Smaller than a pin head. The white dots are flea eggs (although it can also be dandruff). The black dots are usually mistaken for flea feces but are actually little dried balls of blood from the fleas feeding. Remember fleas are parasites. They drink blood.
    Also try using a flea comb (preferably metal). Fill a cup with steaming hot water and slowly comb your cat, checking the comb with each pass for fleas. As soon as you catch one dunk the comb immediately in the hot water to kill it. Fleas like to hide most around the muzzle, ears, tail and armpits.
    **WARNING: DO NOT use concentrated flea soap on an animal who is infested with fleas. Fleas cause animals to become anemic because they suck blood. The thousands of tiny cuts on the animal’s body due to fleas biting it could cause your cat to go into shock if washed with strong flea soap. One of our cats died from this 🙁 Try washing your animal with regular shampoo first and applying Advantage flea drops instead.

  2. Philip B

    If he’s an indoor cat, he’s getting them from the house, you need to get the house professionally cleaned and fumigated. If he’s an outdoor cat (grrr…) get him a flea collar or some of those flea drops, check with your vet.
    IMHO, cats should be kept indoors, they’re a lot safer and healthier…

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    Why do some cats attract fleas and others don’t? It all depends on the condition of their immune system. A strong immune system is unlikely to attract fleas.
    A natural repellent is raw garlic which you add in small quantities in the cat’s food on a regular daily basis. To strengthen the immune system you can add Lecithin and Brewer’s yeast. These two nutrients also have the added bonus that it improves the sheen of their coat.
    It is not necessary to use veterinary Front line if you use natural feed and provide your cat with a proper holistic care. The only time you need to use any pharmaceutical products is when there is some sort of infestation (if you live in a hot climate). You can check with local vets if there have been reports of serious cat flu or even cat HIV.
    Cats eating mice are supplied with a natural supply of vitamins and nutrients that you will not find anywhere else, but make sure they catch them, whilst alive. You do not need to buy them at a shop.
    Raw chicken wings on a regular, ‘weekly’ basis, assist in dental care. Commercial foods are easy to use, but not always the best product to give to your cat.
    Always hoover the floors regularly and clean the cat bedding on a weekly basis. Disinfect the area where the cat eats and enjoys regular contact.

  4. Yoda65

    If the cat was in your house & you did not clean for fleas then they are in your house,that’s why your pet still has them,unless it goes outside.

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    Advantage is the best brand I have bought, kills the fleas straight away. Stay away from Frontline, its doesn’t work & is a waste of money. Go to your vet & ask which they would recommend. Don’t go to a pet shop, they will sell you any rubbish .

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    Keep them inside, don’t use a flea collar that can cause cancer and sores for the cat. Try advantege vca animal hospitals is recommending one similar but better. I used it, it worked for a few months. like it said it would. vacuume more often to pick up fleas that are in the carpetm goodluck

  7. Chalice

    Frontline, Advantage, Revolution, Advocate. These are all flea treatments you can get from a vet that you put on monthly and they keep fleas away. They are more expensive than stuff you buy in the shops, but considering store-bought flea treatments don’t work, it’s worth it.

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