What should i do to kill any fleas or anything that might reside in the carpet of my house?
Im the second owner, and the previous owner had a dog…
Does steam cleaning the carpet work?


  1. Give Aways

    You can buy a can of Raid Flea Fogger, flea bomb, or similar product, and it does a real good job of killing the fleas. I would just let the house air out for a while afterward because you don’t want to breathe this stuff and limit exposure as much as possible. After you bomb those fleas, sprinkling Borax over the carpet and letting it get down to the carpet pad is a method that interrupts the breeding cycle of fleas. So you’re killing them and not allowing them to reproduce. Bang. You’re done. The borax thing is something a professional exterminator would use and then charge you 40 bucks for it, and the borax only costs about 3 dollars. And no, steam cleaning does not kill fleas. They are very resilient insects.

  2. askmewha…

    You could have a carpet company come out and steam it with a “pet treatment” additive in the solution..
    If you are going to have a pet, yourself, make sure it has some topical flea treatment like Frontline. Buy this from the VET and not the store. The stuff at the store is crap.

  3. K G

    If you’re just trying to get rid of fleas, all you need is a big box of baking soda. sprinkle it everywhere and let it sit over night, then vacuum well. Do this a couple times.

  4. sudhir_m

    have carpet cleaned-any fleas/eggs remaining simple spray with raid flea killer do the trick

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