My boyfriend’s co-worker came to work with fleas, and that evening he found flea bites on his arm.
He vacuumed everywhere he went in the house, and washed the clothes he was wearing, and showered a couple times, but woke up in the morning with more flea bites.
I don’t have any flea bites! Do we have fleas in our house?


  1. curt

    Before you go to bed, get some soapy water and put a lamp right next too it, when you wake up in the morning you will see whether or not you have fleas.

  2. git r done

    put on a pair of white socks and walk around in every room of your house,if you got fleas they will show up on the socks.they multiply fast.

  3. James B

    maybe so, fleas will choose sometimes only one person out of the household to go after, if you don”t have a dog for them or you have alot of them.

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