We have 2 cats, one which has the fleas. We have nothing but a rug in our living room and hard wood flooring throughout the rest of the house. The fleas are overrunning our household. I do not believe we can afford an exterminator, so I want to do it myself. They are in every room of the house, even the bathrooms and bedrooms. How can I get rid of them for good? They are biting all of us and I can’t stand it anymore. I have treated the cats and cleaned the house well, but the house still has fleas and so does the cat. *sigh*


  1. godfreya

    for the ones on ur cat bath him/her
    in the house get a pest bomb and leave house for few hours
    it kills everything inside house 🙂

  2. Kerry

    Hi,I have bare floor boards in my home and 4 months ago I used “Bob Martins Flea Bombs and they have completely got rid of the fleas.Once you light them they completely fumigate a room,they are much better than sprays because they went through the gaps in the floor boards which is where I think they were.It’s best to use one for each room.You can buy them from any pet shop for around £4.99. Around the same time I started using Frontline om my kitten to get rid of the fleas and since then he has not had a single flea on him,it’s brilliant stuff.You can buy this from any vets over the counter,they always recommend it.

  3. Spanish mortgage

    we have tried eveything over the years
    (moved into a house where the previous owner had animals and apparantly did not know what flea spray was)
    stage 1… do the cats with frontline
    stage 2.. do the house with an initial burst of frontline
    stage 3
    the only thing we have found that is a permenant, effective defence is some weird lamps.. they hold a nightlight style bulb and a sticky pad, the fleas are attracted to the warmth of the bulb, and stick on the pad… we have used them now for two years and have been completely free of fleas (yet the gadget catches about 50 a month)… they had become resistant to all sprays, bombs and everything else.. (the lamps are available on ebay for about £10/$20)
    after being plauged by fleas for years i would highly recommend them.. they really do work…
    but complete blitz of the house with frontline first, and make sure all pets are treated monthly with the spot on treatment (or better if you can afford it)
    (and iu know where your coming from.. we had spent hundreds of pounds of flea sprays and bombs and just baout got things under control.. took four days away from the house to get married, came back, and you could literally see them jumping around… the lamps where the first thing that realy kept the house clear)
    of course i hold no legal responsibility if you spend £50 on lamps and they dont work for you…. they did for us.. and after 30 years the first thing that really has…

  4. KayKay

    7 dust…you can put it on the cat too….dust the house with it getting in the cracks next to the walls. let sit for a few hours then clean everything off…it’s a mess but it works like a charm!

  5. SWATorNO

    Ignore all of these old school old wive’s tales about washing in dish soap and so on. Obviously those things didn’t work, so science has helped us out. Speak to your Vet and ask for Frontline or Advantage for cats. It not only treats your pets, but also the house. DO NOT ASK FOR 1 MONTH DOSAGE. It must be applied to your cat once a month, so buying one month dosage makes no sense. It will eliminate fleas AND THEIR EGGS, which are not always eliminated by soaps and bombs. That’s why you keep getting them back. Using a brush on the cats obviously won’t treat the eggs that are in your home.
    Because you describe the infestation so severely, I still recommend getting a professional in there. Speak with your Vet and they may recommend either sticking with the Frontline/Advantage or tell you to also include a pro.
    Good luck!

  6. Animal girl

    Frontline or advantix for cats. They will get rid of the fleas on the cat AND in your house.
    You can get a single dosage from your vet or local feed store.

  7. dearly23

    You and the cats have to leave the house and them flea bomb it. Then bathe the cats in blue Dawn dish washing liquid and use a flea comb to get rid of the dead fleas. After the cats are dry, treat with Frontline or Advantage, and treat monthly with Frontline or Advantage. Note: because you have flea infestation so bad, you may have to bomb more than once.

  8. gracie

    I just saw an article on msn.com about natural remedies for fleas that you may find helpful. It talks about using mothballs and liquid soap. If the link doesn’t work, just go to msn.com and it’s one of the featured articles on the main page: >1=10450http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?mkt=en-u…

  9. JustNoth

    well there is 1 thing to get rid of cat fleas i watched this on TV so
    u must have a basin with water and a powder of flea remover put it in then scrub your cat if still you saw something you will do is get a magnifying glass/lens then check on your cat i don’t know if thats true

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