My dog is due on the 17th of July and she has fleas terribly. We have bathed her and washed her. But they are back. We cleaned out her pen and put fresh bedding in it but it doesn’t seem to help. They are small black bugs and I am worried that they will harm her and her pups. I need advice fast. Every flea product I have looked at isn’t safe for pregnant dogs. So what the heck am I supposed to do with the little devils? Please any and all advice will help me and Oreo.


  1. tzanmom

    you really should contact a vet with this question. If your bathing and changing of the bedding is not working she may be picking them up again outside or they are in your house in other rooms. But again, I would suggest contacting a vet as fleas can be very harmful to the newborns. Good luck.

  2. tootsie r

    frontline plus works great it doesnt harm her or her babies, you have to put it under her fur once a month, it gets rid of all of them, oh and they wont exactly harm the pups, but they will invade them as soon as they get fur, and if you plan on giving them away, i dont think people want a puupy with a bunch of fleas.

  3. magnolia

    Believe it or not bathe her in salt water use a ton of salt. Also sprinkle it in her pen and bedding.
    I moved into a house once that was flea infested and salt got rid of them quicker than everything we tried.
    Good luck and let me know if it also works for you.

  4. phoenix web design

    call your vet. They will know what to do. you have to get rid of the fleas in the yard too. I would treat the yard and give her a bath. after the bath i would start picking them off her. If she is still allowed to have heartworm medicine i would get her the sentential because then the fleas when the bite her can not breed.

  5. Skeeter

    Give her a bath in liquid Ivory dish soap. Will kill the fleas and it is totally safe. Will not harm anything.

  6. horsetri

    Adams flea and tick shampoo and frontline for dogs! it is usually around $20+. have you tried that! it is most likely going to work depends on if the fleas are covering her or there is just a lot of fleas. but besides that it mostly works!!!!! and if they are in your house and around it you can try Adams carpet powder and if there in her ears you can try Durvet ear mite repellent lotion. you can find out about that at hope that works!!

  7. krissrox

    I don’t think you can get rid of her fleas safely without causing harm to her pups. I think you have to wait until her pups are born.

  8. Life Is Just

    I am a huge fan of Borax for fleas.. Wash her bedding in the borax laundry soap and sprinkle it around her sleeping area and any carpet/rugs you have in the house. while the borax is soaking in take your dog and give her a bath with Dawn Dish Soap. It is gentle on your pregnant pooch and tough on the fleas. Before you let your dog back out into her area or on the carpet being treated, make sure you vacuum up the borax and toss out the bag, or empty the bagless outside of your house and off your lawn. When the area is cleaned up, let her back into her area. But remember that you cannot use most flea meds even after your dog has her babies.. Not until they are done nursing.
    To the people who stated using Frontline or similar products on pregnant dogs, I would recommend Stopping. That is NOT safe, No vet has EVER allowed it, including the one that I work for. I breed dogs and would NEVER even consider using it on any of my dogs that are pregnant or nursing.

  9. mom2baby

    The dog should already be under a vet’s care, so go to the vet and ask about alternative treatments. Get the info straight from the vet on the flea life cycle.
    Fleas breed in the carpet and upholstry and outside. You need to treat your whole house with a flea spray that you get from the vet, and a lawn care product for the front & back yards. The eggs can lie dormant for up to 4 months and hatch during vibrations, like walking, vacuuming, moving furniture, etc.
    You also need to talk to the vet about how to protect the puppies. They could certainly die if you don’t take care of this problem before they’re born. Be prepared to lose a pup or two if you don’t get your house and your dog treated properly.
    After the pups are old enough (not nursing), make sure you get ALL of the dogs treated with a prevantative like Advantage or Frontline.
    It sounds as though you are not a professional breeder. When the pups are born, please have your dog spayed. It is irresponsible to allow your dog to breed without proper planning and care, and increases the number of mutts that are put down every year. It lowers the quality of life for both the mom and the puppies, and puts the mom at higher risk for certain cancers (uterine, mammary, & ovarian).
    I can’t believe your dog is due so soon and you haven’t consulted your vet about this yet. It’s irresponsible. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to understand parasite transmission and life cycle. ESPECIALLY for a breeder, which you now are, like it or not.

  10. Dave

    You Know what…. Go to the vet and ask them first but home remedies has been working since the beginning of time so you may want to consider those that are listed in the comments above because some of them do work. But even with that you should still talk to your vet to make sure the products aren’t harmful.. And YOU don’t have to get your doggy spayed if you don’t want to!!! (Mom2Baby) Yeah it is millions of Dogs being put down everyday but who’s to say that she won’t keep all of them or maybe they will all go to good homes. And for that matter there are just as many kids with out parents so maybe you and your family should get Spayed(Mom2Baby) If you don’t have nothing good to say shut the **** up!!! Everybody gotta learn sometimes and who’s to say she hasn’t been to a vet! Maybe she still wanted to asked some Opinions and it seems that it is there right to do so!!! Good Day!!!

  11. Jimmy

    Take a chill pill mom2baby. I recon people use google for questions or ask forum questions for the best answer for their budget. Not everyone can afford to see vet attention and pay the mandatory each time there is a concern. Another thing, you don’t know whether it was an accidental pregnancy, which does happen even to the best of us, so you shouldn’t be writing an extra paragraph explaining how irresponsible the owner is. Instead give the advice you know from expierence and not judging.

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