My dog; a border colly springer spaniel cross, is very hairy and fleas love him. I would like to stop the fleas from getting on him without using chemicals or poisons. Can anyone help me?


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    I too, don’t like to use the chemicals and stuff. You can buy some 7 dust which is safe for your pets and you. It can be found in the garden dept., at places like wall-mart.
    To this day I don’t have fleas in my home after doing this,
    I would go to Wall-mart and buy some “7” dust and you can put it on your dog as well as any place that he lives even the carpet which is were most fleas and there eggs live. Then what I do is each night I comb my pet with a flea comb killing any fleas that I might find. After doing this for a while you will have killed the flea’s and there eggs, there fore you will not have a flea problem any longer. My dog loved to be combed and it was our time each day to be one on one with each other. Depending on the size of your dog and its age, on if it will let you comb it. I have always started when they were born, so they really loved the attention from me. In fact never had a dog who didn’t like it.
    Best of luck, I promise it really works !

  2. Sarazeen

    Impossible, fleas are a kind of animals which need the blood of mammals like, cats, dogs and rabbits. They are like blood, you just can’t get rid of them!
    But you can:
    1. make sure your dog’s nowhere near rubbish….
    2. brush him well and give him shampoo-baths 3 times a week
    3. feed him the purest foods
    These ought to help, and if followed, the fleas should leave, but SOME will, not all!

  3. Gaby

    shower him with creolina and trust me,, it will kill all the fleas,,,,, if u do so,,, wash of the creolina off the dog after,,,,,,,,,,

  4. zolux

    there are lots of organic products available but they are mostly washes that will only kill whats on your dog you need to wash all bedding your dog uses but by far a top spot product is the best and much more economical as it breaks the life cycle of the flea. you may have a bad flea nest under your house (like me!! its a nightmare) and its a constant fight although i use advantix. also i very much doubt that there is a dog in the world without any fleas because most products require the flea to get into the coat for the product to kill the little bastards. good luck

  5. Sandi

    Try adding a small amount of garlic to his meal once a day.
    If you use garlic paste (human type, bought in any good supermarket) you only need a pea size amount to mix with his food.
    If you use a powder form a 1/4 teaspoon is all you need.
    We feed the BARF diet with garlic added and our dogs have never had fleas.
    Hope this helps.

  6. Upnorthg

    You could give him a flea dip or flea shampoo bath however often the directions tell you to bathe your dog.

  7. Chalice

    You can use a preparation from your vet, such as Stronghold/Revolution, or Frontline.
    Obviously these are chemicals, but they are not poisons, they are completely safe. Frontline in particular is not systemic – it stays on the skin and doesn’t affect them internally. Petshop products are the poisonous ones – I’ve seen cats die from them, and dogs have terrible reactions. To make it worse, they don’t tend to work either! This happens because petshops are not licensed to sell the correct drugs, so they try to fob people off with cheap, dangerous rubbish.
    Please get some Frontline. I can vouch for it’s safety and efficacy – it will kill all the fleas on your dog and, used every two months, will keep them off him.
    I’m sure you’ll get some answers on here suggesting you put garlic in the dogs food. Don’t! Yes it isn’t ALWAYS dangerous – but it can be, so why risk it when there are much safer and more effective products available. The only danger present at the moment are the fleas on your dog, they transmit worms and disease – so please worm him as well to be safe.

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