I would like to teach my dog obedient training rather than constantly coaxing him with treats, but don’t know how.


  1. Emily

    My puppy was the brattiest dog I had ever seen when we first got her! I did some research on the internet and found guidelines for dog training called NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free). I tried it out, and by the end of the day, she was already behaving better. It was amazing! Check out the website (pasted it below). Hope this helps you, it sure helped me! =)

  2. OhIDoDoI

    Firstly obedience classes will help you learn this.
    A trap a lot of people fall in is the bribery trap. “my dog will only obey when I have a treat”.
    Treats should be used as rewards, not bribes. Keep them out of sight until you’re ready to GIVE a great, first of all. Also don’t give a treat every time. Give it say, half the time. The other half, give a ton of petting, a game of fetch, etc.
    This will take time, but with patience you’ll see improvement.

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