I have a coworker with whom I share a desk with on another shift and he must have fleas because I found one biting my arm and I am constantly finding bites on my legs. I don’t have any pets at home, so I know they are not from me. He has a couple dogs and couple cats. How do I approach this situation? I have a baby at home and don’t need to bring fleas home to her. It’s to the point where I dread coming to work. I told my supervisor who didn’t do anything. What should I do now? I don’t want to seem like a baby but I shouldn’t have to come to work and get attacked by insects. Any advice is appreciated.


  1. kja63

    Tell your supervisor again and insist that he or she take immediate action. If your supervisor still does nothing, go to HR and demand immediate action be taken. If still nothing, file a complaint with your State Dept of Labor.

  2. G

    there are other cubicles in the world — maybe finding a better job is the best way to go. i don’t think you have much recourse against a fellow employee with pets. your personal comfort is not a right at most work places. pushing the issue could get you labels like “not a team player”. most apartments do nothing to keep your neighbors fleas under control and i think the best solution to that issue would be find a complex that doesn’t rent to people with pets. i don’t think there are laws against fleas and i don’t think you can deny someone the ability to work because their pets have fleas. there are lots of things you can do to keep fleas out of your home but if it is a problem for you the best solution would be find a job where they respect your personal comfort more.

  3. Richard G

    i would approach this person asking him if he has any pets and also ask any of your other worker’s if they having the same problem as you getting bitten if the answer is yes you should all get together and talk to your superviser and tell the superviser something has to be done to get rid of this problem and also to the person that is bringing the fleas to the place of work if nothing else works and he doent take the hint take some flea stuff in and sit it on his desk and say very politly try using this on your animals as i am flipping sick of them biting me mind you if he is one of thse pple that has pet fleas you will be fighten a losing battle good luck

  4. bellatri

    id say this is a really awkward situation to be in, the best thing you can do is to be honest with him and just tell him at least then you have a chance of sorting this, if nothing is said then it will just carry on

  5. Stonewall Jackson

    Just walk up to him and hose him down with a can of Raid. He should get the picture.

  6. anti-virus

    calmley tell him, hey there, you are getting fleas from your pets, and bringing them to work here, and their biting me.
    Make shure your boss knows. Give it a coupple of days. If nothing changes, call the local health department, and tell them about the fleas at work.
    I agree, you don’t need those things at home around young children.

  7. ragapple

    Careful it IS possible it isn’t that coworker (unless you are in a little guard shack not entered by anyone else). Heaven kows if their is a night guard patroling with a dog – or any of several other explinations. Try contacting HR saying the BUILDING has a pest problem – please exterminate ect… That way it doesn’t look like a personallity problem…

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