My kitten has fleas, she started scratching many days ago now and today I saw visible evidence of the fleas. We telephoned the vet and he told us not to use an over the counter spray. We have also heard that flea collars do not help they only protect the kittens neck and the fleas just sit happily somewhere else. I have read a few answers on here and still I am not convinced as to what to do for her. Any useful advice please


  1. NinjenWV

    Take the kitten to the vet. They will weigh her and supply the appropriate dose of flea medication. Probably revolution or frontline. Flea collars are dangerous and so are the sprays. It would be safe to wash her with a gentle dish detergent such as Dawn and pick the fleas off…but you will need to make sure and drown the ones you pick off in some water…and this will not prevent her from getting more as soon as you put her down. Also, check with the vet or local home improvement store about what to treat your home with. Flea infestations of the carpet and furniture can take place very quickly. A single flea can drop hundreds of eggs into the flooring etc. I have four cats, all on Revolution from the vet which kills and prevents fleas, earmites, and deworms them. (except for tapeworms) It’s very convenient, once a month topical.

  2. princess

    you can purchase, from the vet, a spot treatment that you put between the shoulder blades, called Revolution …since the poor baby has fleas chances are there are worms as well …Revolution takes care of worms too…you can use Revolution on kittens…DO NOT BUY OVER THE COUNTER FLEA MEDS…. especially Hartz…!!!! this could kill your kitten it almost killed mine and dont use flea collars either!!!

  3. Moe

    the best thing to do is to talk to a vet but also at pet stores they have flea stuff made for kittens it might help to call and make sure that its okay. other ways that work is to wash the kitten in baby soap i did this with my cat when she was a kitten. it helps because the fleas dont like baby soap and dont ask me wht because i have no idea.

  4. kaydeesa

    as what the rest of the people say take him to the vet and get as much as information as you like but take care of your kitten i think taking a kitten a bath only makes him sick. well, i really don’t know my father is a doctor and i don’t know if he knows about animals but i will ask for advise, for sure. 🙂

  5. Christy

    When I got my cat he had fleas and I gave him baths using Ivory Liquid Soap. It doesn’t kill the fleas, but it seems to stun them and you can pick them off. Then I used Revolution which takes care of fleas & eggs, ear mites, heartworm, roundworm, and hookworm. We got him from a shelter so we really didn’t know his age so I don’t know how old he was or a kitten has to be to use Revolution.

  6. Carole P

    Wise words from the vet, your kitten is still very young. Go & get
    a remedy from your vet your kitten will also need worming so you need to visit anyhow..

  7. I Will Tell You Like It Is

    wash her with dawn dish detergent and then take a flea comb to her and get all the fleas out.

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