My dog had puppies 3 days ago. They all have fleas. How do I treat both the puppies and their mom?


  1. adelaide

    There are safe flea treatments for puppies that young but don’t just go buy any one, they are not all safe. I cannot believe the other answerers are not thinking about the puppies only being 3 days old. Call your vet, they have safe treatments that can be rubbed on the puppies skin. Most over the counter treatments cannot be used on puppies younger than 4 weeks although a store like petsmart or petco may carry something safe for puppies that young, give them a call if you cannot afford a vet right now but you need to eventually get them in to a vet to be dewormed and vaccinated.

  2. 99

    I’ve heard from different sources over the years that using “Brewers” Yeast sprinkled in their food will prevent fleas. It emits a smell through the dog and cat pores that fleas hate enough to be repelled. Maybe it will also work through the mamas milk. Make sure it’s “brewers” yeast. There are different kinds.
    Somewhere I read if possible put the pill/tablet in their mouth far back enough and they will swallow it.
    I would do that before the flea baths or chemicals, because if you’ve ever watched a dog with her puppies, she licks them all the time. I don’t know what ingesting all those chemicals would do to the mom. Or her milk.

  3. Dee M

    You should contact your vet for a treatment for the mom, at 3 days of age, it is not safe to put any flea treatment on the puppies. You also need to treat your house and yard, fleas do not live on the animals 24/7. At that young age, fleas can make your puppies very sick and they can die. Call your vet asap.

  4. Imabxrmo

    talk to your vet first……
    but what i’ve done in the past with newborn pups, is sprayed a washcloth with adams flea/tick spray and wiped the puppies down genlty with it. also spray the bedding……and mom, but be sure and not get the spray on her teats. wouldn’t be good for nursing pups.

  5. dtadd@xt

    yes u do treat all your pets at the same time my mom treats my pets evary month with flee treat ment from the vet

  6. i am a winner

    hello wake up to flea control and talk to your vet also get the whole house bug free. if you don’t have a vet find one.

  7. Kasey

    There going to need probably mitaban dips or flea bath if its really bad. Make sure you go to the vet and get it taken care of as soon as possible. They can get many disease from fleas and you need to go and get it under control. Congrats on your pups!

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