A neighbor let their outdoor dog into our house our house to play with our two dogs (both treated with Frontline) without our permission and now we have fleas in our carpet from where the dog laid down? What is the best way to rid your house of fleas without using harsh smelling chemicals?


  1. Rotten Rotts

    A old fashion remedy that works is 20 Mule Team Borax laundry detergent sprinkle everywhere wait a couple hours and vacuum.

  2. tammy43m

    sprinkle salt all over carpet let it set for few hours then vac. also put a flea collar in your vac. bag to help or better yet empty it right away. again i have a pit with many allergy issues and salt is a good way to rid of fleas and not harm dog. good luck

  3. Bozema

    I would vacuum daily and throw away the bag or empty the canister in the outside trash after each time. I’d also vacuum all upholstery and wash all bedding in hot water (dog and human). Daily vacuuming should get rid of them if your dogs are Frontlined.

  4. ⊂®¥š‡Ι ∴∴ ∴∴Crysti

    Borax and Salt…sprinkle it everywhere, leave it a few days, then vacuum it up.

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