The family dog is a year and two months old. Alot of times she still goes potty in the house. How do we get the dog to go outside all the time? It would save work to clean carpets and get rid of the stink for good. I always try to enforce dicipline saying no or bad whatnot. How can this be enforced as a family thing?


  1. big girl

    I found that my local pet store has puppy trainer in a spray bottle .I got a few of these and poured them where I want my dog to go out side. I took her there a few times by leash and showed the spot .soon after she went by her self to that spot. Good luck.

  2. mo

    You have to be very consistent. Make sure you show her what she did. Scold her, then put her outside. When she goes potty outside, praise her and give her a treat.

  3. Grumpy

    You have to be consistant or this will not work. I used the point method with all my dogs and it worked! When the dog did their thing in the house I would stick their nose by it not in it point and say NO very firmly. Then take the dog outside point to the ground and say go potty. When the dog went potty I would become very happy with the dog, play with the dog. And I had to do this every time the dog went potty.
    The trick is for everyone to use the same word all the time in the same tone of voice so the dog understands.
    If this does not work b/c the dog is home alone alot; would you be able to contain the dog in one room, preferably one that has no carpeting. Then you can take the dog outside and then reward the dog with the rest of the house when it does go outside all the time. Give it some thought with the family and let them all know that this has to be done now.

  4. badd

    ok just dont ever hit your dog theres never any reason to there innocent so take her over to the spot and point to it and yell no potty outside then take her outside if you catch her doing it then yell no potty outside and take her outside but you have to sound mean and serious when shes bad always use the same voice she prolly never understood that shes supposed to go to the door and cry to go out so its important to take her outside every time you catch her she may be going to the door and its just not noticed sometimes that happens but keep telling your family to do the same also if a dog has to many bosses then shell always be confused on whos the boss so you could try to have your family yell for you or your spouse whenever they catch her try both update me if you want when she does go potty out side praise her and give her treats shell always want to go potty

  5. sillygoo


  6. Mell lin

    two way to handle this. 1: put in a doggy door that way she can go out when she needs too or put newspapers every where.

  7. firedup

    Take the dog out frequently. Do not neglect time with your dog. When it does it’s thing outdoors, praise it . If you leave newspapers out next to a door praise using it, and slowly move the papers closer to the desire potty area (Out side)Never use news paper when scolding this will cause confusion.If you must leave the dog alone in the house at times., make sure to leave a radio playing, dog may not be as lonely. Also make sure to leave plenty of chew toys ,and water. Also turn down the answering machine because it may freak out the dog if it goes off while your not there. Don’t leave out food while gone for a little while.. food=potty!

  8. kochster

    A house training problem I often encounter is the dog that was unintentionally taught to eliminate inside. This type of dog can be put outside for long periods of time, yet it will wait until it comes in to eliminate. A dog like this will usually eliminate where the owner cannot see it going.
    Generally this problem is caused, or made more excessive, by taking the dog over to its accident (or on purpose) and punishing the dog (too long in time) AFTER the mess was made.
    This kind of potty problem requires quite a bit of structure in the dog’s life and a lot of discipline for the owner. A dog with this kind of problem needs to be taught to trust the owner and not to fear them. After the owner gets the dog’s trust, the dog needs to learn to eliminate on command.
    When the dog fully trusts the owner and has been eliminating on command for at least one week (perhaps several weeks), it may be necessary to correct the dog for eliminating inside. It must be kept in mind that if this correction is done improperly, you could make the house breaking problem worse.

  9. tayannun

    You can buy puppy training pads at any wal-mart or dollar general store cheap. Lay them around the house where the dog has urinated, or pooped. Each time they go to the bathroom, push their nose toward the soiled area and tap them on the backside with a rolled up newspaper and say “No! Then take them to the puppy pad and let them know that is where you want them to go. Slowly move the puppy pad toward the front door. You can also take them outside immediately after you scold them. Be persistant. They should get the picture. It worked for my dog. Let them know whos boss.

  10. gnuck gnuck

    Make sure your dog never gets to the point where it would have to potty in the house. For instance keep it on a schedule, every 2hrs. or if the dog ate or played then take it out right away. If you cannot be around, then you must consider a crate/kennel. Dogs love dens, they are den animals. Never put anything in the crate with the dog such as a towel or blanket that they could pee on and push aside. Diligence on your part is what is going to break this dirty stink habit. You have to be the one that is watching your dog and not depending on your dog to let you know when it has to potty.

  11. Gwenhwyv

    Does she have a doggy door? Push her out the doggy door, then meet her outside. Say go potty! go potty! until she does. Praise her…be consistent.

  12. adamlain

    stick its face in its own poo and then through it out side, it
    has to know that it can’t do that any more.

  13. infoman

    dogs do their potty where the smell of its previous potty is. first clean the area super clean so that your sure that the even the dog doesnt smell it. now keep a close eye on the dog always and when you see that its potty time grab the dog and put it outside and stand with it. after it finishes pet her and say “good girl”. you will have to do this potty training several times to make her realize where she is supposed to do it. **always take her to the same spot outside so that she knows where the smell is and where to do it.
    if she does it inside be very rude and show her that you are really mad at her. in less than a week she’ll be doing it outside by her self.(she might whine at the door whenever she wants to go unless you have a doggy door.)

  14. WP Robot Wordpress Autoposter

    oh please this is the propor way trust me i raised 2 dogs from pups just keep them in the house let them pee in the house gonna have to live with leanign dont be lazy then as they get grown up they wont act like that they woukld start to whine to go ourtside dont bre lazy keep taking them outside when they are older lol oh ya and dont give them normal dogy food if u want him tobe haethly fry liver for him they lvoe it trust me just cut it up in small peices

  15. scotty

    The way I trained mine was to lay down newspapers in the spot the pet generally went. In my case, it was a certain room. After a few days I began to remove a sheet of newspaper every once in a while. Before long I was down to one sheet that I was moving towards a door. Soon she was going to the door to go outside.
    This method will work if you stick with it. Along with praise for when the pet does it outside, give 1 small treat. Some pets do not respond to negative remarks or scolding (like my English Bulldog).
    Good luck!

  16. tychi

    First I understand how hard it is to
    keep an older dog from going potty
    in the house. A few things that can
    be helpful. Is this dog a large one
    or a small one? If a small dog you
    will need to take it out more often.
    A larger dog not to much just need to
    stick to a routine. Like maybe taking
    it outside about 10 mins after it eats
    or drinks water for a small dog and
    about 20 mins for a large dog.
    Dogs are very similiar to a baby and
    really just need a lot of love and
    attention the disipline will come
    once you figure out the dogs routine
    you and your pet will be able to do away
    with the cleaning of carpets.
    I wish you happiness for you and your pet.

  17. dezzys_m

    We in-forced a pen technique and my puppy was in her cage while we were out or sleeping and as soon as we got home or woke up she went out and gave her her bathroom command “Hurry up” after about 1 month we then started to leave her out at night and guess what no messes…after about 3 months she was completely out of her cage….it also helped with chewing:)

  18. cryptic_

    never rub ur dogs nose in its fecies or urin it can ruin there sence of smell over time crate training is the best option like so many have said and they also have these things u can buy there called puppy pads they have a odor inthem that only the dogs can smell and it intrigues them and when they go over an sniff em (if they have t go to tha bathroom then) theyll get on that pad and go then u jus pick it up and thro it away an lay a new one (i dotn recomend this for medium breed or large breed dogs cuz that could get a little bit annoying but there perfect for small breed dogs..

  19. tubs

    well my dog it took a little while but maybe all you have to do is put newspaper down in the kitchen and if they didn’t go on the newspaper then take them to it and tap their nose. it worked for my dog.

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