Have carpet and have put cats outside, but fleas are terrible inside now.


  1. Lori K

    The fleas that are actually on the cat represent only a fraction of the flea population present in the house, so treatment must include the surroundings as well as the cat.
    Regularly vacuum your house, giving particular attention to carpets and upholstery. Because vibrations trigger fleas to come out of their cocoons, they often come alive right after vacuuming, while inside the vacuum bag. To prevent them from returning to your home, make sure the bag is sealed and quickly disposed of.
    If you have a major flea infestation you should consult a professional exterminator and treat the house with special anti-flea products. Make sure you use only products that are not toxic to cats.
    As for treating your cat, there are several good products on the market that are very safe and effective. Available from your vet, these products can be used orally (Program) or topically (Advantage or Frontline) to inhibit various stages of the fleas’ life cycle. There are other products in the form of drops, sprays, collars and shampoos that can be used to fight fleas. While cheaper and available over the counter, many of these are either not safe enough or simply ineffective.
    Cat fleas are awful — much worse than dog fleas. I had a cat that couldn’t take the prescribed flea medication so I finally just gave in and sent him off to the barn.

  2. jennybug

    theres this powder stuff at walmart that you sprinkle on the carpet and it works pretty good i used it


    Get the cats the medicine that goes in their system, front line or cat equivalent bring the cats back in and the fleas will bite the cats and die.

  4. oilcityc

    the best way to get rid of them is to keep cats inside and put advantage on them. This might take a couple weeks but it does work.

  5. Reena S

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at http://pests.in/fleas.html

  6. gilgames

    Your fleas may be resistant to the bombs you bought. Have you tried Home Control brand bombs? Look for something that targets the larvae. You’ll have adult fleas for a long while after bombing, but it will mutate all the larvae so they can’t grow up to reproduce and eventually you won’t have any. You’ll also want to get some frontline for the kitties. Do you have some problem spots in your yard, where you know they congregate? Sprinkle those areas with Sevin Dust. Good luck. Fleas are miserable to have.

  7. almostre

    I agree with MojosMom Borax laundry soap works great. Sprinkle it all over the carpet and the pets bedding let it set for a while and then vacuum it really works.

  8. MojosMom

    my exterminator told me to sprinkle borax soap on the carpet and in the pets’ bedding….good luck

  9. Jen R

    I don’t know why this works, but if you put a container of bleach somewhere in your house, the fleas will be attracted to it and it will kill them. My father did this once, and it worked for the fleas. But you need to be careful if you have children, my brother tripped and fell into it and had to be taken to the ER.

  10. jackyblu

    Definitely treat the yard, porch floors, dog house etc. with Sevin(liquid,granules or dust). Diatomacetous earth is a natural and safe, chemical free dust that also works well for fleas, ticks, ants and other bugs.

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